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authpasswd - Generate login passwords


authpasswd [method]


authpasswd is a helper utility that generates encrypted passwords for the Courier
authentication library. The Courier authentication library is capable of using several
different encryption methods for storing passwords. authpasswd issues a password prompt.
Enter the same password twice (for verification purposes). authpasswd computes and prints
the encrypted password. The encrypted password can be inserted verbatim into the
appropriate account record that's processed by the authentication library's authmysql,
authpgsql, authsqlite, or authldap module.

method may be set to one of the following literals:

Use the traditional DES-based encrypted password.

Compute a base64-encoded MD5 password hash.

Compute a hexadecimal-encoded MD5 password hash.

Compute a SHA1 password hash.

Compute a salted SHA1 password hash.

Compute a SHA256 password hash.

If not specified, method defaults to the modified-MD5 password encryption algorithm that's
used in Linux (note that this is different from the “md5” password hash method).

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