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autoreconf2.13 - update configure scripts


autoreconf2.13 [ --help | -h ] [ --force | -f ] [ --localdir=dir | -l dir ] [
--macrodir=dir | -m dir ] [ --verbose ] [ --version ]


If you have a lot of Autoconf-generated configure scripts, the autoreconf2.13 program can
save you some work. It runs autoconf2.13 (and autoheader2.13, where appropriate)
repeatedly to remake the Autoconf configure scripts and configuration header templates in
the directory tree rooted at the current directory. By default, it only remakes those
files that are older than their configure.in or (if present) aclocal.m4. Since
autoheader2.13 does not change the timestamp of its output file if the file wouldn't be
changing, this is not necessarily the minimum amount of work. If you install a new
version of Autoconf, you can make autoreconf2.13 remake all of the files by giving it the
--force option.

If you give autoreconf2.13 the --macrodir=DIR or --localdir=DIR options, it passes them
down to autoconf2.13 and autoheader2.13 (with relative paths adjusted properly).

autoreconf2.13 does not support having, in the same directory tree, both directories that
are parts of a larger package (sharing aclocal.m4 and acconfig.h), and directories that
are independent packages (each with their own aclocal.m4 and acconfig.h). It assumes that
they are all part of the same package, if you use --localdir, or that each directory is a
separate package, if you don't use it. This restriction may be removed in the future.

autoreconf2.13 accepts the following options:


-h Print a summary of the command line options and exit.


-f Remake even configure scripts and configuration headers that are newer than their
input files (configure.in and, if present, aclocal.m4).


-l DIR Look for the package file aclocal.m4 in directory DIR instead of in the current


-m DIR Look for the installed macro files in directory DIR. You can also set the
AC_MACRODIR environment variable to a directory; this option overrides the
environment variable.

Print the name of each directory where autoreconf2.13 runs autoconf2.13 (and
autoheader2.13, if appropriate).

Print the version number of Autoconf and exit.

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