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avimerge - merge several AVI-files into one


avimerge -o name -i file1 [ file2 [ ... ] ] [ -p file ] [ -a num ] [ -A num ] [ -b num ] [
-c ] [ -f commentfile ] [ -x indexfile ]


avimerge is Copyright (C) by Thomas Oestreich.


avimerge is a versatile tool. It can contatenate several AVI files into one. It can also
be used to fix an index of a broken file and can also replace audio tracks or muxes new
ones. It can read raw AC3 and MP3 files for multplexing.


-o name
Specify the name of the output file.

-i file
Specify the name(s) of the input file(s) to merge into the output file.

-p file
Specify the name of the audio file to multiplex into the output file. The type of
file can be either another AVI file or an MP3 or AC3 file.

-b num Specify if avimerge should write an VBR mp3 header into the AVI file. Default is
dependent on the input file (and usually correct). num is either 1 or 0.

-c Drop video frames in case audio is missing [off]
Only when merging multiple AVI files. Some AVI files run a little bit (usually for
one or two video frames) short on audio. This means avimerge cannot keep up sync
when concatinating them. The files play fine when played individually but not when
merged because audio from the new file gets played back with video from the old
file. avimerge will print a message like

No audiodata left for track 0->0 (59950.25=59950.25) continuing ..

When you turn on the -c option, the video which is too much will be dropped.

-f commentfile
Read AVI tombstone data for header comments from commentfile. See
/docs/avi_comments.txt for a sample.

-x indexfile
Read the AVI index from indexfile. See aviindex(1) for information on how to
create such a file.

-a num Specify the number of the audio track you want to use from the input file.

-A num Specify the number of the audio track you want to use in the output file. If you
specify an existing track number, the track will be replaced. If omitted, the next
free slot will be used.


The command

avimerge -o big.avi -i my_file1.avi my_file2.avi my_file3.avi

merges the three input files my_file[123].avi into one big AVI-file big.avi.

avimerge -o out.avi -i in.avi -p audio2.avi -a 1

merges track number 1 form in.avi to the next free track number in out.avi. You can create
audio-only AVI-files using

transcode -i song.mp3 -x null,mp3 -g 0x0 -y raw -a 1 -o audio2.avi -u 50

The command

avimerge -o out.avi -i in.avi -p sound.mp3

merges the file sound.mp3 as an additional audio track into out.avi.


avimerge was written by Thomas Oestreich
<ostreich@theorie.physik.uni-goettingen.de> with contributions from many others. See
AUTHORS for details.

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