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bon_csv2html program to convert CSV format Bonnie++ data to a HTML form using tables
suitable for display on a web page. NB Lynx can't display this properly, and due to the
size it probably requires 1024x768 monitor to display properly.

bon_csv2txt program to convert CSV format Bonnie++ data to plain-text format suitable for
pasting into an email or reading on a Braille display.


They take CSV format (comma-delimited spreadsheet files AKA Comma Seperated Values in MS
land) data on standard input and produce HTML or plain text on standard output


This is a list of the fields used in the CSV files format version 2. Format version 1 was
the type used in Bonnie++ < 1.90. Before each field I list the field number as well as
the name given in the heading

0 format_version
Version of the output format in use (1.97)

1 bonnie_version

2 name Machine Name

3 concurrency
The number of copies of each operation to be run at the same time

4 seed Random number seed

5 file_size
Size in megs for the IO tests

6 chunk_size
Size of chunks in bytes

7 putc,putc_cpu
Results for writing a character at a time K/s,%CPU

9 put_block,put_block_cpu
Results for writing a block at a time K/s,%CPU

11 rewrite,rewrite_cpu
Results for reading and re-writing a block at a time K/s,%CPU

13 getc,getc_cpu
Results for reading a character at a time K/s,%CPU

15 get_block,get_block_cpu
Results for reading a block at a time K/s,%CPU

17 seeks,seeks_cpu
Results for the seek test seeks/s,%CPU

19 num_files
Number of files for file-creation tests (units of 1024 files)

20 max_size
The maximum size of files for file-creation tests. Or the type of files for links.

21 min_size
The minimum size of files for file-creation tests.

22 num_dirs
The number of directories for creation of files in multiple directories.

23 file_chunk_size
The size of blocks for writing multiple files.

24 seq_create,seq_create_cpu
Rate of creating files sequentially files/s,%CPU

26 seq_stat,seq_stat_cpu
Rate of reading/stating files sequentially files/s,%CPU

28 seq_del,seq_del_cpu
Rate of deleting files sequentially files/s,%CPU

30 ran_create,ran_create_cpu
Rate of creating files in random order files/s,%CPU

32 ran_stat,ran_stat_cpu
Rate of deleting files in random order files/s,%CPU

34 ran_del,ran_del_cpu
Rate of deleting files in random order files/s,%CPU

36 putc_latency,put_block_latency,rewrite_latency
Latency (maximum amount of time for a single operation) for putc, put_block, and

39 getc_latency,get_block_latency,seeks_latency
Latency for getc, get_block, and seeks

42 seq_create_latency,seq_stat_latency,seq_del_latency
Latency for seq_create, seq_stat, and seq_del

45 ran_create_latency,ran_stat_latency,ran_del_latency
Latency for ran_create, ran_stat, and ran_del

A string that starts with '#' is a comment.

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