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brag - Grab multipart binaries from news server


brag [-s server] [-P port] [-g group] [-l user] [-p pass] [-q] [-u] [-o dir] [-n num] [-c]
[-C] [-X] [-a pattern [-a pattern] ...] [-r pattern [-r pattern] ...] [-A file] [-R file]
[-t n] [-b break] [-m max]


brag -L [-s server] [-P port] [-l user] [-p pass]


brag downloads and assembles multipart binaries from an NNTP server. Attachments encoded
with uuencode, Base64 or yenc are supported.

-L Just print a list of groups available at the server

-s server
Set news server to server

-P port
Set TCP port to port

-g group
Set newsgroup to group

-l user
Set user name to user. Setting this option turns NNTP authentication on. The
password can be specified using the -p command line option, or using a passwod file
(see later)

-p pass
Set password to pass.

-q Be silent: do not display progress information

-u Save subjects together with the assembled binaries. Subject files have the same
name as the binary, with .sub extension added

-k Keep original file names when possible, only rename when necessary to avoid a
collission with existing files

-o dir Set output directory to dir

-n num Start with message number num

-c Combine parts, even if they are from different newsgroups. Also, an article will be
downloaded only once, even if it was crossposted to more than one newsgroups

-C Combine parts, even if they are from different news servers

-X Process single-part messages, too

-a pattern
Add pattern to the list of accept patterns. See next section on accept/reject

-r pattern
Add pattern to the list of reject patterns

-A file
Read accept patterns from this file

-R file
Read reject patterns from this file

-t n Use n number of parallel connections to the server. Default: 2. Set to 4 or more if
you have a high speed network connection

-b break
Specify "break factor": the number of milliseconds to wait between retrieving lines
from the server. Useful to share a low-speed connection with other applications

-m max Specify the maximum number of messages to download


The subjects of the messages to be downloaded are matched against the list of accept
and/or reject patterns if specified on the command line or in the accept/reject files (see
later). Only articles matching at least one of the accept patterns will be accepted.
Similarly, articles matching one of the reject patterns will be rejected.

Match operations are performed as in csh(1). For example, to accept all files with
extension mp5 , specify

-a ´*.mp5*'

on the command line. Note the quotes (we do not want the shell to process the pattern) and
the second "*" (we are matching against subject lines, not file names).

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