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bup-ls - list the contents of a bup repository


bup ls [OPTION...] <paths...>


bup ls lists files and directories in your bup repository using the same directory
hierarchy as they would have with bup-fuse(1).

The top level directory contains the branch (corresponding to the -n option in bup save),
the next level is the date of the backup, and subsequent levels correspond to files in the

When bup ls is asked to output on a tty, and -l is not specified, it formats the output in
columns so it can list as much as possible in as few lines as possible. However, when -l
is specified or bup is asked to output to something other than a tty (say you pipe the
output to another command, or you redirect it to a file), it will print one file name per
line. This makes the listing easier to parse with external tools.

Note that bup ls doesn't show hidden files by default and one needs to use the -a option
to show them. Files are hidden when their name begins with a dot. For example, on the
topmost level, the special directories named .commit and .tag are hidden directories.

Once you have identified the file you want using bup ls, you can view its contents using
bup join or git show.


-s, --hash
show hash for each file/directory.

-a, --all
show hidden files.

-A, --almost-all
show hidden files, except "." and "..".

-d, --directory
show information about directories themselves, rather than their contents, and
don't follow symlinks.

-l provide a detailed, long listing for each item.

-F, --classify
append type indicator: dir/, symlink@, fifo|, socket=, and executable*.

append type indicator: dir/, symlink@, fifo|, socket=.

print human readable file sizes (i.e. 3.9K, 4.7M).

display numeric IDs (user, group, etc.) rather than names.


bup ls /myserver/latest/etc/profile

bup ls -a /

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