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Yacc - an LALR(1) parser generator for Java


byaccj [ -dlrtvJ ] [ -b prefix ] [-Jclass= classname ] [-Jpackage= package_name ]
[-Jextends= extends_name ] [-Jimplements= implements_name ] [-Jsemantic= semantic_type ]
[-Jnorun] [-Jnocontruct] [-Jstack= NNN ] [-Jnodebug] [-Jfinal] [-Jthrows= exception_list ]


Yacc reads the grammar specification in the file filename and generates an LR(1) parser
for it. The parsers consist of a set of LALR(1) parsing tables and a driver routine
written in the C programming language. Yacc normally writes the parse tables and the
driver routine to the file y.tab.c.

The following options are available:

-b prefix
The -b option changes the prefix prepended to the output file names to the
string denoted by prefix. The default prefix is the character y.

-d The -d option causes the header file y.tab.h to be written.

-l If the -l option is not specified, yacc will insert The generated code to
the user's original code. If the -l option is specified, yacc will not
insert the .TP -r The -r option causes yacc to produce separate files for
code and tables. The code file is named y.code.c, and the tables file is
named y.tab.c.

-t The -t option changes the preprocessor directives generated by yacc so that
debugging statements will be incorporated in the compiled code.

-v The -v option causes a human-readable description of the generated parser to
be written to the file y.output.

-J The -J option switches from C/C++ to Java output. Not necessary if other -J
flags are used.

Changes the name of the Java class (and .java file) to classname

Changes the package in which the parser resides from the default <nothing>
to packagename

Changes the class the parser extends from the default <nothing> to

Changes the interface the parser implements from the default <nothing> to

Changes the semantic (value of the rules' variables) type to
semantic_type. No extra class will be generated.

The -Jnorun option informs Byacc to not generate a run() method. Useful when
working with threads.

The -Jnoconstruct option informs Byacc to not generate constructors. Useful
when extending classes.

Changes the stack size from default 500 to NNN

The -Jnodebug option informs Byacc to omit debugging code for further better

The -Jfinal option makes generated class final.

Informs Byacc to declare thrown exceptions for yyparse() method.

If the environment variable TMPDIR is set, the string denoted by TMPDIR will be used as
the name of the directory where the temporary files are created.

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