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byobu-ulevel - helper script for notification level indicators


byobu-ulevel is a helper script that can be used to create history graphs with UTF8


byobu-ulevel [options] -c <current_num>

byobu-ulevel [options] <current_num>

byobu-ulevel <current_num>


-a : Accessibility mode: only output ASCII. (Also enabled if variable
'$a11y_variable' set).
-b : Display current value as space if zero, rather than lowest 'value' of
-c <num> : Current value of your indicator.
-d : Enable debug output.
-e <int> : Number of decimal places to use for accessibility mode
-h : Show this help.
-i : Invert colour scheme (rating themes only).
-l : List available themes. If '-t' also specified, show all values for
specified theme.
-m <num> : Minimum value (default=$min_default).
-n : Supress output of newline character.
-p : Permissive mode - if current value out of bounds, set it to the nearest
bound (min or max).
-q : Suppress messages (requires '-t').
-r : Reverse 'direction' of display (rating theme only).
-t <theme> : Name of theme (default=$theme_default).
-u <chars> : Specify a user theme (2 or more values).
-w <int> : Width of rating theme (default=$width_default).
-x <num> : Maximum value (default=$max_default).


Display character representing 27% using default theme.
byobu-ulevel 27

As above.
byobu-ulevel -c 27

Example showing floating-point and negative values.
byobu-ulevel -c 1.100001 -m -5.00234 -x 2.71828 -t dice_6

Use accessibility mode to display a percentage value (rounded to nearest percentage)
byobu-ulevel -m -22.613 -x 5.00212 -c 0.10203 -a -e 0

Display value using a "rating theme" (displayed left-to-right).
byobu-ulevel -c 83 -t stars_2

Display right-to-left inverted "rating theme".
byobu-ulevel -c 60 -t diamonds_2 -ri

Display all glyphs in 'solid_numbers_a_10' theme.
byobu-ulevel -l -t solid_numbers_a_10

Display a user-specified rating theme 10 glyphs wide.
byobu-ulevel -c 666.321 -m -273.15 -x 1370 -u "· ☢" -w 10

A multi-element user theme (this prints 'e').
byobu-ulevel -c 50 -u "a b c d e f g h i j"


Arguments of type "<int>" denote an integer value, whereas arguments of type "<num>"
denotes either an integer or a floating-point number.

The final '_<number>' in a theme name denotes the number of glyphs in it.

"Rating themes" are those with only 2 values.

The <chars> argument to '-u' must contain space-delimited characters.

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