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cdrestore - Streaming restore from CD-R(W)/DVD-R(W)


cdrestore [-qvDFRTV] [-d device] [-i image] [-l size]
[-t track] [-c command]


cdrestore is a utility to make streaming restores from CD-R(W)/DVD-R(W) disks. It's
designed to work with any backup tool which is able to restore from stdin (like


-d device
The device name which is used for reading the backup.
(default: /dev/cdrom)

-i image
Enables virtual image mode. The backup stream is read from the given image file.
You have to use this option, if you are restoring from a dumped image too.
(default: none)

-l size
Specifies the media size. This value is used to display the free space on the media
By default the given value is taken as megabytes. You can append a single letter to
the number to select: (k)ilobytes, (m)egabytes, (g)igabytes or (s)ectors (e.g.
170k, 4488m, 350000s).
(default: 650m)

-t track
The number of the data track on the media for reading the backup.
(default: none)

-T Enables test mode. The complete restore process is done to test data integrity
(includes CRC checksum test, if available), but no data is output.
NOTE: This only verifies that the data is readable by cdrestore at all. This
doesn't guarantee that your backup software will be able to do a real restore with
the data.

-F Forces cdrestore to begin the restore in the middle of a multi-disk set. This may
be useful if you have lost a disk or a disk is badly damaged.
NOTE: This will most probably start the restore in the middle of a file. It's up to
your backup software to sync to the beginning of the next file.

-R Disable the kernel readahead for the CDROM device during the restore process. (see
cdbackup(1) Known problems)

-c command
The command which is executed whenever cdrestore needs to request a new media for
multi-disk backups. This command (or script) should prompt the user and return
after the device is ready again. The command receives one argument, which is the
device name passed with -d. This can be used to issue commands to the device like
ejecting the media.
(default: use internal diskchange prompt)

-q Queries the media, prints out the contents and exits.

-v Enables verbose mode.

-D Enables DEBUG output (probably not useful for normal use).

-V Prints out version information and exits.


Query the 700 MB media on /dev/sr0:

cdrestore -d /dev/sr0 -l 700 -q

Restore a tar archive to the current directory from track 2 of a 702 MB media on

cdrestore -d /dev/scd0 -l 702 -t 2 | tar xf -

Query the contents of a virtual image:

cdrestore -i /tmp/vimage -l 4488m -q

Check data integrity of track 3 in a virtual image after dumping it to DVD media:

cdrestore -i /dev/dvd -t 3 -T


Stefan Hülswitt <[email protected]>

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