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cdda2ogg, cdda2mp3 — extract audio CD audio tracks and encode them





cdda2ogg is a simple script that uses the icedax <fileprefix> command to extract all audio
tracks with the icedax <fileprefix> command and encode them using the ogg123 respective
<censored> MP3 encoder. The scripts are not intended to be full-featured music archiving
programs, but only for quick storing of few audio data. It does not use databases like
CDDB or have any extra features. You may look at icedax if you need them.

ogg123 is provided by the vorbis-tools which needs to be installed separately. See
www.ogg.org for more information.


cdda2ogg and cdda2mp3 have predefined values for reading and labeling of the target files.
You can overwrite them with following environment variables:

Source device specification to get the data from.

LIST List of track numbers to be read, separated by spaces.

CDDA2WAV Defines the command to run the cdda2wav program

Miscellaneous options passed to $CDDA2WAV.

MP_CODER The encoder program.

Additional options passed to $MP_CODER.

The base part of the filename of resulting audio files. This can also be
specified as the first argument to the script.

See cdda2ogg (cdda2mp3) script file to get the default values

System administrator can also set default values by creating of a shell include file,
defining the variables for the POSIX shell, and storing them as /etc/default/cdda2ogg
(resp. cdda2mp3).


CDDA_DEVICE=/dev/cdrom1 cdda2ogg
just stores every track in this device in audiotrackNUMBER.ogg

LIST="1 5 7" cdda2ogg PartsOfBestOfFoo
stores the selected tracks from the default cdrom device as 01-PartsOfBestOfFoo.ogg,
05-PartsOfBestOfFoo.ogg, 07-PartsOfBestOfFoo.ogg.

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