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certmgr - Mono Certificate Manager (CLI version)


certmgr [action] [object type] [options] store [filename] or certmgr -ssl [options] url


This tool allow to list, add, remove or extract certificates, certificate revocation lists
(CRL) or certificate trust lists (CTL) to/from a certificate store. Certificate stores are
used to build and validate certificate chains for Authenticode(r) code signing validation
and SSL server certificates.


The store represents the certificate store to use. It can be one of the following:

My This is the personal certificate store.

This is the store for other people.

CA This is a store for intermediate certificate authorities.

Trust This is for trusted roots.

This is for untrusted roots


-list List the certificates, CTL or CTL in the specified store.

-add Add a certificate, CRL or CTL to specified store. If filename it's a pkcs12 or pfx
file, and it contains a private key, it will be imported to local key pair

-del Remove a certificate, CRL or CTL from specified store. You must specify the object
to be removed with it's hash value (and not a filename). This hash value is shown
when doing a -list on the store.

-put Copy a certificate, CRL or CTL from a store to a file.

-ssl Download and add the certificates from a SSL session. You'll be asked to confirm
the addition of every certificate received from the server. Note that SSL/TLS
protocols do not requires a server to send the root certificate. This action
assume an certificate (-c) object type and will import the certificates in
appropriate stores (i.e. server certificate in the OtherPeople store, the root
certificate in the Trust store, any other intermediate certificates in the
IntermediateCA store).

Allows importing a private key from a pkcs12 file into a local key pair store.
(Usefull when you already have the key's corresponding certificate installed at the
specific store.)


-c , -cert , -certificate
Add, Delete or Put certificates. That is the specified file must/will contains
X.509 certificates in DER binary encoding.

-crl Add, Delete or Put certificate revocation lists (CRL). That is the specified file
must/will contains X.509 CRL in DER binary encoding.

-ctl Add, Delete or Put certificate trust lists (CRL). UNSUPPORTED.


-m Use the machine's certificate stores (instead of the default user's stores).

-v More details displayed on the console.

-p password
Use the specify password when accessing a pkcs12 file.

-help , -h , -? , /?
Display help about this tool.

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