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clips - an expert system programming language


clips [ file.clp ]


CLIPS is a productive development and delivery expert system tool which provides a
complete environment for the construction of rule and/or object based expert systems.
CLIPS is being used by numerous users throughout the public and private community
including: all NASA sites and branches of the military, numerous federal bureaus,
government contractors, universities, and many companies. The key features of CLIPS are:

Knowledge Representation
CLIPS provides a cohesive tool for handling a wide variety of knowledge with
support for three different programming paradigms: rule-based, object-oriented and
procedural. Rule-based programming allows knowledge to be represented as
heuristics, or "rules of thumb," which specify a set of actions to be performed for
a given situation. Object-oriented programming allows complex systems to be modeled
as modular components (which can be easily reused to model other systems or to
create new components). The procedural programming capabilities provided by CLIPS
are similar to capabilities found in languages such as C, Pascal, Ada, and LISP.

CLIPS is written in C for portability and speed and has been installed on many
different computers without code changes. Computers on which CLIPS has been tested
include an IBM PC running DOS and Windows 95 and a Macintosh running MacOS and
Mach. CLIPS can be ported to any system which has an ANSI compliant C compiler.
CLIPS comes with all source code which can be modified or tailored to meet a user's
specific needs.

CLIPS can be embedded within procedural code, called as a subroutine, and
integrated with languages such as C, FORTRAN and ADA. CLIPS can be easily extended
by a user through the use of several well-defined protocols.

Interactive Development
The standard version of CLIPS provides an interactive, text oriented development
environment, including debugging aids, on-line help, and an integrated editor.
Interfaces providing features such as pulldown menus, integrated editors, and
multiple windows have been developed for the Macintosh, Windows 95, and X Window


CLIPS includes a number of features to support the verification and validation of
expert systems including support for modular design and partitioning of a knowledge
base, static and dynamic constraint checking of slot values and function arguments,
and semantic analysis of rule patterns to determine if inconsistencies could
prevent a rule from firing or generate an error.

Fully Documented
CLIPS comes with extensive documentation including a Reference Manual and a User's
Guide. (provided in the Debian clips-doc package)

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