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collectd-nagios - Nagios plugin for querying collectd


collectd-nagios -s socket -n value_spec -H hostname [options]


This small program is the glue between collectd and nagios. collectd collects various
performance statistics which it provides via the "unixsock plugin", see
collectd-unixsock(5). This program is called by Nagios, connects to the UNIX socket and
reads the values from collectd. It then returns OKAY, WARNING or CRITICAL depending on the
values and the ranges provided by Nagios.


The following arguments and options are required and understood by collectd-nagios. The
order of the arguments generally doesn't matter, as long as no argument is passed more
than once.

-s socket
Path of the UNIX socket opened by collectd's "unixsock plugin".

-n value_spec
The value to read from collectd. The argument is in the form

-H hostname
Hostname to query the values for.

-d data_source
Each value_spec may be made of multiple "data sources". With this option you can
select one or more data sources. To select multiple data sources simply specify this
option again. If multiple data sources are examined they are handled according to the
consolidation function given with the -g option.

-g none|average|sum
When multiple data sources are selected from a value spec, they can be handled
differently depending on this option. The values of the following meaning:

No consolidation if done and the warning and critical regions are applied to each
value independently.

The warning and critical ranges are applied to the average of all values.

sum The warning and critical ranges are applied to the sum of all values.

The warning and critical ranges are applied to the ratio (in percent) of the first
value and the sum of all values. A warning is returned if the first value is not
defined or if all values sum up to zero.

-c range
-w range
Set the critical (-c) and warning (-w) ranges. These options mostly follow the normal
syntax of Nagios plugins. The general format is "min:max". If a value is smaller than
min or bigger than max, a warning or critical status is returned, otherwise the status
is success.

The tilde sign (~) can be used to explicitly specify infinity. If ~ is used as a min
value, negative infinity is used. In case of max, it is interpreted as positive

If the first character of the range is the at sign (@), the meaning of the range will
be inverted. I. e. all values within the range will yield a warning or critical
status, while all values outside the range will result in a success status.

min (and the colon) may be omitted, min is then assumed to be zero. If max (but not
the trailing colon) is omitted, max is assumed to be positive infinity.

-m If this option is given, "Not a Number" (NaN) is treated as critical. By default, the
none consolidation reports NaNs as warning. Other consolidations simply ignore NaN


As usual for Nagios plugins, this program writes a short, one line status message to
STDOUT and signals success or failure with it's return value. It exits with a return value
of 0 for success, 1 for warning and 2 for critical. If the values are not available or
some other error occurred, it returns 3 for unknown.

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