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collectiongain - large scale Replay Gain calculating tool


collectiongain [options] music_dir
collectiongain --help
collectiongain --version


collectiongain is a script calculating the Replay Gain values of a large set of music
files inside music_dir. Files belonging to the same album will be identified using the
file tags and album Replay Gain data will be calculated for them.


Display the version of the software.

-h, --help
Display a short summary of the available options.

-f, --force
Recalculate Replay Gain even if the file already contains gain information.

-d, --dry-run
Don't actually modify any files.

-r REF, --reference-loudness=REF
Set the reference loudness to REF dB (default: 89 dB)

Choose the Replay Gain data format for MP3 files. The default setting should be
compatible with most decent software music players, so it is generally not
necessary to mess with this setting. See below for more information.

Do not use the file cache at all.

Fully reprocess everything. Same as --force --ignore-cache.

-j JOBS, --jobs=JOBS
Run JOBS jobs simultaneously. Must be >= 1. By default, this is set to the number
of CPU cores in the system to provide best performance.


Proper Replay Gain support for MP3 files is a bit of a mess: on the one hand, there is the
mp3gain application [1] which was relatively widely used (I don't know if it still is) --
it directly modifies the audio data which has the advantage that it works with pretty much
any player, but it also means you have to decide ahead of time whether you want track gain
or album gain. Besides, it's just not very elegant. On the other hand, there are at least
two commonly used ways to store proper Replay Gain information in ID3v2 tags [2].

Now, in general you don't have to worry about this when using this package: by default,
replaygain and collectiongain will read and write Replay Gain information in the two most
commonly used formats. However, if for whatever reason you need more control over the MP3
Replay Gain information, you can use the --mp3-format option (supported by both programs)
to change the behaviour. Possible choices with this switch are:

· replaygain.org (alias: fb2k) Replay Gain information is stored in ID3v2 TXXX frames.
This format is specified on the replaygain.org website as the recommended format for
MP3 files. Notably, this format is also used by the foobar2000 music player for
Windows [3].

· legacy (alias: ql) Replay Gain information is stored in ID3v2.4 RVA2 frames. This
format is described as "legacy" by replaygain.org; however, it is still the primary
format for at least the Quod Libet music player [4] and possibly others. It should be
noted that this format does not support volume adjustments of more than 64 dB: if the
calculated gain value is smaller than -64 dB or greater than or equal to +64 dB, it
is clamped to these limit values.

· default This is the default implementation used by both replaygain and
collectiongain. When writing Replay Gain data, both the replaygain.org as well as the
legacy format are written. As for reading, if a file contains data in both formats,
both data sets are read and then compared. If they match up, that Replay Gain
information is returned for the file. However, if they don't match, no Replay Gain
data is returned to signal that this file does not contain valid (read: consistent)
Replay Gain information.

[1] http://mp3gain.sourceforce.net

[2] http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=ReplayGain_specification#ID3v2

[3] http://foobar2000.org

[4] http://code.google.com/p/quodlibet

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