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Compass - Stylesheet Framework streamlining creation and maintenance of CSS


compass help [command]


The Compass Stylesheet Authoring Framework helps you build and maintain your
stylesheets and makes it easy for you to use stylesheet libraries provided by

Compass is charityware. If you find it useful please make a tax deductable
donation: http://umdf.org/compass

To get help on a particular command please specify the command.

Primary Commands:
* clean
- Remove generated files and the sass cache

* compile
- Compile Sass stylesheets to CSS

* create
- Create a new compass project

* init - Add compass to an existing project

* watch
- Compile Sass stylesheets to CSS when they change

Other Commands:
* config
- Generate a configuration file for the provided command line options.

* extension
- Manage the list of compass extensions on your system

* frameworks
- List the available frameworks

* help - Get help on a compass command or extension

* imports
- Emit an imports suitable for passing to the sass command-line.

* install
- Install an extension's pattern into your compass project

* interactive - Interactively evaluate SassScript * sprite - Generate an
import for your sprites. * stats - Report statistics about your stylesheets
* unpack - Copy an extension into your extensions folder. * validate -
Validate your generated css. * version - Print out version information

Available Frameworks & Patterns:

* compass

Global Options:
-r, --require LIBRARY
Require the given ruby LIBRARY before running commands. This is used to access
compass plugins without having a project configuration file.

-l, --load FRAMEWORK_DIR
Load the framework or extensions found in the FRAMEWORK directory.

-L, --load-all FRAMEWORKS_DIR
Load all the frameworks or extensions found in the FRAMEWORKS_DIR directory.

-I, --import-path IMPORT_PATH
Makes files under the IMPORT_PATH folder findable by Sass's @import directive.

-q, --quiet
Quiet mode.

Show a full stacktrace on error

Allows compass to overwrite existing files.

Turn off colorized output.

-?, -h, --help
Show this message


Copyright © 2008-2015 Chris Eppstein Released under the MIT License. Compass is
charityware. Please make a tax deductable donation for a worthy cause:

Use compass online using onworks.net services

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