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compile_et - error table compiler


compile_et file


Compile_et converts a table listing error-code names and associated messages into a C
source file suitable for use with the com_err(3) library.

The source file name must end with a suffix of ``.et''; the file consists of a declaration
supplying the name (up to four characters long) of the error-code table:

error_table name

followed by up to 256 entries of the form:

error_code name, " string "

and a final


to indicate the end of the table.

The name of the table is used to construct the name of a subroutine
initialize_XXXX_error_table which must be called in order for the com_err library to
recognize the error table.

The various error codes defined are assigned sequentially increasing numbers (starting
with a large number computed as a hash function of the name of the table); thus for
compatibility it is suggested that new codes be added only to the end of an existing
table, and that no codes be removed from tables.

The names defined in the table are placed into a C header file with preprocessor
directives defining them as integer constants of up to 32 bits in magnitude.

A C source file is also generated which should be compiled and linked with the object
files which reference these error codes; it contains the text of the messages and the
initialization subroutine. Both C files have names derived from that of the original
source file, with the ``.et'' suffix replaced by ``.c'' and ``.h''.

A ``#'' in the source file is treated as a comment character, and all remaining text to
the end of the source line will be ignored.

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