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concordance - for programming your Logitech Harmony remote control



For automatic mode:
concordance <file>

For manual mode:
concordance <options>


This software supports programming Logitech Harmony remote controls. This software uses
libconcord, which in turn uses libusb, which requires the RAWIO capability. That means you
probably need root to use it.

This software can be run in one of two modes. If you run it in automatic mode, the
software will analyze the file to determine what sort of file it is and what to do with
it. In some cases, concordance may not be able to deteremine the filetype; if this
happens, you should use manual mode.

In manual mode, you specify what you want to do. For any command-line option that requires
updating the remote, a filename is required. In manual mode, you must first choose a mode
(and only one):


-c, --dump-config [<filename>]
Read the config from the remote and write it to a file. If no filename is
specified, config.EZHex is used.

-C, --write-config <filename>
Read a config from <filename> and write it to the remote.

-f, --dump-firmware [<filename>]
Read firmware from the remote and write it to a file. If no filename is specified
firmware.EZUp is used.

-F, --write-firmware <filename>
Read firmware from <filename> and write it to the remote

-h, --help
Print this help message and exit.

-i, --print-remote-info
Print information about the remote. Additional information will be printed if -v is
also used.

-k, --get-time
Get time from the remote

-K, --set-time
Set the time on the remote

-l, --learn-ir <filename>
Learn IR commands from other remotes. Use <filename>. When you selected multiple
commands to learn on the Logitech website, you can move through this command list
and let the Harmony learn the IR code for each command.

-r, --reset
Reset (power-cycle) the remote control

-s, --dump-safemode [<filename>]
Read the safemode firmware from the remote and write it to a file. If no filename
is specified, safe.bin is used.

-t, --connectivity-test <filename>
Do a connectivity test using <filename>

-V, --version
Print the version and exit

NOTE: If using the short options (e.g. -c), then *optional* arguments must be adjacent:
-c/path/to/file. Required arguments don't have this limitation, and can be specified -C
/path/to/file or -C/path/to/file.

Additionally, you can specify options to adjust the behavior of the software:


-b, --binary-only
When dumping a config or firmware, this specifies to dump only the binary portion.
When use without a specific filename, the default filename's extension is changed
to .bin. When writing a config or firmware, this specifies the filename passed in
has just the binary blob, not the XML.

Force. This forces concordance to use the file the way you specified, even if it
doesn't think that's the kind of file it is. This is necessary for files dumped by

-R, --no-reset
For config or firmware updates, do not reboot the device when done. This is
generally only for debugging.

-v, --verbose
Enable verbose output.

-w, --no-web
Do not attempt to talk to the website. This is useful for re-programming the remote
from a saved file, or for debugging.

BUGS None known at time of release, but check the website.


Please file all bug reports in the bugs section of our SourceForge Project page.


This software is not supported, affiliated, or controlled by Logitech in any way.

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