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ct2-make-movie - manual page for ct2-make-movie


ct2-make-movie [options] file.ct2 arguments...


Automates the creation of movies from a single ctioga2 command file.

Running ct2-make-movie plot.ct2 file1.dat file2.dat file3.dat ... runs ctioga2 repeatedly
with the value of the variable $(arg) taking the arguments given on the command-line, ie.
file1.dat, then file2.dat, and so on.

It is also possible to have ct2-make-movie generate its arguments itself: ct2-make-movie
plot.ct2 0..10:101 will have $(arg) going from 0 to 10 through 101 steps.

In each case, the variable $(index) is set to the current number of the frame being drawn,
starting from 0. For instance, in the above example, it would range from 0 to 100.

The PDF files produced by ctioga2 are converted by ImageMagick's convert and fed to a
ffmpeg encoding pipe.


-t, --target FILE
Target video file. Defaults to the ctioga2 file name given, with the suffix .ct2
replaced by .avi.

--dir DIR
Temporary directory for storage

Prints the version of ct2-make-movie.

-p, --[no-]pdftoppm
Using pdftoppm to rasterize the PDF file rather than convert can lead to very
significant speed improvements, depending on your version of gs. Using this option
enables the use of pdftoppm. convert remains necessary for the processing, though.

--page-size SIZE
All page-size instructions in the ctioga2 command file are ignored. Using this
option allow you to set the target page size (in TeX dimensions).

--resolution RES
Set target resolution (overridden to some extent by page-size)

When on (by default), ct2-make-movie gives a different name to all the generated
PDF files, which can be handy to see what has happened, but can take up quite a lot
of disk space too. When this option is disabled, the same PDF file is rewritten
over and over again.

-b, --bitrate RATE
Bitrate (indicative). Passed directly to ffmpeg.

--codec CODEC
Target codec.

--ffmpeg-args ARGS
Extra ffmpeg args.

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