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cvc3 - automatic SMT theorem prover


cvc3 [option]... [filename]


CVC3 is an automated validity checker for a many-sorted (typed) first-order logic with
built-in theories, including some support for quantifiers, partial functions, and
predicate subtypes. The current built-in theories are the theories of

· equality over free (aka uninterpreted) function and predicate symbols,

· real and integer linear arithmetic (with some support for non-linear arithmetic),

· bit vectors,

· arrays,

· tuples,

· records,

· user-defined inductive datatypes.

CVC3 operates on files in the CVC Presentation Input Language or the SMTLIB input
language. If no input file is given on the command line, CVC3 reads standard input.


Only a few of the most frequently used options are given below. For more details, see
CVC3's built-in help (cvc3 -help) or the CVC3 website.

List all of the options for controlling CVC3. Boolean options are marked (b). They
are enabled by prefixing with + and disabled by prefixing with -. In the help
output, the current setting is given. For example, the output lists

(b) -interactive Interactive mode

Indicating that interactive mode is disabled. to enable interactive mode, the
option +interactive is therefore used. Other options are marked (s) for string
arguments, or (i) for integer arguments.

Print the version of CVC3 and exit.

-lang (presentation|smtlib|internal) Select the input language used. The default is

Enable interactive mode. Commands are read from standard input and processed

+stats Print run-time statistics.

-timeout t
Automatically terminate CVC3 after t seconds.

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