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cws.x, cws-<num>d.x - create weight systems and combined weight systems.


cws.x -<options>


The cws-<num>d.x variant programs, where <num> is one of 4, 5, 6 and 11 work in different
dimensions ; cws.x defaults to dimension 6.

Beware: the first option must be -w, -c, -i, -d or -h.

-h print this information

-f use as filter; otherwise parameters denote I/O files

-w# [L H] make IP weight systems for #-dimensional polytopes.
For #>4 the lowest and highest degrees L<=H are required.

-r/-t make reflexive/transversal weight systems (optional).

-c# make combined weight systems for #-dimensional polytopes. For #<=4 all relevant
combinations are made by default, otherwise the following option is required:

-n[#] followed by the names wf_1 ... wf_# of weight files

currently #=2,3 are implemented.

[-t] followed by # numbers n_i specifies the CWS-type, i.e.

the numbers n_i of weights to be selected from wf_i. Currently all cases with
n_i<=2 are implemented.

-i compute the polytope data M:p v [F:f] N:p [v] for all IP CWS, where p and v denote
the numbers of lattice points and vertices of a dual pair of IP polytopes; an entry
F:f and no v for N indicates a non-reflexive `dual pair'.

-d# compute basic IP weight systems for #-dimensional reflexive Gorenstein cones;

-r# specifies the index as #/2.

-2 adjoin a weight of 1/2 to the input weight system.

-N make CWS for PPL in N lattice.

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