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debsums - check the MD5 sums of installed Debian packages


debsums [options] [package|deb] ...


Verify installed Debian package files against MD5 checksum lists from

debsums can generate checksum lists from deb archives for packages that don't include one.


-a, --all
Also check configuration files (normally excluded).

-e, --config
Only check configuration files.

-c, --changed
Report changed file list to stdout (implies -s).

-l, --list-missing
List packages (or debs) which don't have an MD5 sums file.

-s, --silent
Only report errors.

-m, --md5sums=file
Read list of deb checksums from file.

-r, --root=dir
Root directory to check (default /).

-d, --admindir=dir
dpkg admin directory (default /var/lib/dpkg).

-p, --deb-path=dir[:dir...]
Directories in which to look for debs derived from the package name (default is the
current directory).

A useful value is /var/cache/apt/archives when using apt-get autoclean or not
clearing the cache at all. The command:

apt-get --reinstall -d install `debsums -l`

may be used to populate the cache with any debs not already in the cache.

Note: This doesn't work for CD-ROM and other local sources as packages are not
copied to /var/cache. Simple file sources (all debs in a single directory) should
be added to the -p list.

-g, --generate=[missing|all][,keep[,nocheck]]
Generate MD5 sums from deb contents. If the argument is a package name rather than
a deb archive, the program will look for a deb named package_version_arch.deb in
the directories given by the -p option.

Generate MD5 sums from the deb for packages which don't provide one.

all Ignore the on disk sums and use the one supplied in the deb, or generated
from it if none exists.

keep Write the extracted/generated sums to /var/lib/dpkg/info/package.md5sums.

Implies keep; the extracted/generated sums are not checked against the
installed package.

For backward compatibility, the short option -g is equivalent to

Report missing locale files even if localepurge is configured.

Report changed ELF files even if prelink is configured.

Treat permission errors as warnings when running as non-root.

Print help and version information.


debsums returns 0 on success, or a combination* of the following values on error:

1 A specified package or archive name was not installed, invalid or the installed
version did not match the given archive.

2 Changed or missing package files, or checksum mismatch on an archive.

255 Invalid option.

*If both of the first two conditions are true, the exit status will be 3.


debsums foo bar
Check the sums for installed packages foo and bar.

debsums foo.deb bar.deb
As above, using checksums from (or generated from) the archives.

debsums -l
List installed packages with no checksums.

debsums -ca
List changed package files from all installed packages with checksums.

debsums -ce
List changed configuration files.

debsums -cagp /var/cache/apt/archives
As above, using sums from cached debs where available.

apt-get install --reinstall $(dpkg -S $(debsums -c) | cut -d : -f 1 | sort -u)
Reinstalls packages with changed files.


OK The file's MD5 sum is good.

FAILED The file's MD5 sum does not match.

The file has been replaced by a file from a different package.


In order to create md5sums files for the already installed packages which don't have them,
you must run debsums_init once after the installation of debsums package.

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