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This is the command defid that can be run in the OnWorks free hosting provider using one of our multiple free online workstations such as Ubuntu Online, Fedora Online, Windows online emulator or MAC OS online emulator





gid [OPTION]... PATTERN...


Query ID database and report results. By default, output consists of multiple lines, each
line containing the matched identifier followed by the list of file names in which it

-f, --file=FILE
file name of ID database

-i, --ignore-case
match PATTERN case insensitively

-l, --literal
match PATTERN as a literal string

-r, --regexp
match PATTERN as a regular expression

-w, --word
match PATTERN as a delimited word

-s, --substring
match PATTERN as a substring

Note: If PATTERN contains extended regular expression metacharacters, it is
interpreted as a regular expression substring. Otherwise, PATTERN is interpreted
as a literal word.

-k, --key=STYLE
STYLE is one of `token', `pattern' or `none'

-R, --result=STYLE
STYLE is one of `filenames', `grep', `edit' or `none'

-S, --separator=STYLE
STYLE is one of `braces', `space' or `newline' and only applies to file names when

The above STYLE options control how query results are presented. Defaults are
--key=token --result=filenames --separator=space

-F, --frequency=FREQ
find tokens that occur FREQ times, where FREQ is a range expressed as `N..M'. If N
is omitted, it defaults to 1, if M is omitted it defaults to MAX_USHRT

-a, --ambiguous=LEN
find tokens whose names are ambiguous for LEN chars

-x, --hex
only find numbers expressed as hexadecimal

-d, --decimal
only find numbers expressed as decimal

-o, --octal
only find numbers expressed as octal

By default, searches match numbers of any radix.

--help display this help and exit

output version information and exit


Report bugs to [email protected]

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