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dh-make-drupal - Builds a Debian package for the requested Drupal project


The purpose of this program is to generate Debian packages for any Drupal projects (that
is, modules, themes or translations) - Please note note that as of October 2010 the
infrastructure for publishing translations has changed, so its current support status
through this program is suboptimal

Given that Drupal developers publish their work through the main Drupal site
(http://drupal.org), this program fetches the information for the latest available
versions (for the right Drupal release, and with the specified stability level), and
prepares a Debian package from it.

This Debian package can be locally installed using 'dpkg', or uploaded to your Apt

Keep in mind that this package only goes as far as it can, being an automated tool. The
generated packages will probably require verification/tweaking to be of production

This program has been inspired -and named in a similar fashion to- Debian's pkg-perl
group's dh-make-perl.

-v, --version

-h, --help
Display this screen

-d, --drupal-version VERSION
Drupal version

-r, --report-only
Check only for project availability, don't download or perform any other actions
locally. Implies -D.

-f, --force
Proceed even if this will overwrite currently existing files

--debug LEVEL
Debug level for generated messages (0=highest, 5=lowest)

-s, --min-status STATUS
Minimum status to consider for packaging. Accepted values: 'recommended',
'supported', 'developer'. Defaults to recommended.

-D, --dont-debianize
Do not attempt to debianize the project, only download the tarball

-b, --no-build
Prepare the debianized directory, but omit the actual package build process. This
option is incompatible with either -D and -r.

-R, --no-recommends
Omits the generation of the Recommends: line, which is built by scanning of
submodule-provided .info files and may be misleading or introducing too much noise

--build-switches SWITCHES
Switches to pass to dpkg-buildpackage. Defaults to "-us -uc" (do not sign the
generated package). In order not to give any switches, specify an empty quoted
string (i.e. --build-switches='').

-t, --tarball FILE
Use the specified tarball as the original project tar.gz, don't look for any other
available versions and don't download from the Drupal website. This will require
you also to provide a project version number with -V and the project type with -T

-T, --proj-type TYPE
Type of project we are packaging. This option is only meaningful when working on a
local tarball (-t), and will be ignored otherwise. Accepted values: %s. Defaults to
["Modules", "Themes", "Translations"].

-V, --proj_version VERSION
Provide a project version number. This option is only meaningful when working on a
local tarball (-t), and will be ignored otherwise

-m, --mangle-version PATTERN
Debian versioning logic includes the ??~?? character meaning ??anything below?? the
preceding version number. This is most useful when dealing with pre-release
qualificators (in order, 1.x-dev, 1.0-alpha1, 1.0-beta, 1.0rc3). dh-make-drupal
will try to recognize such patterns and mangle them so they sort correctly in
Debian (and so that when a stable version is released it appears as higher - For
the above mentioned version numbers, they would result in 1~~dev, 1.0~alpha1,
1.0~beta, 1.0~rc3). You can use this switch to tell dh-make-drupal to omit this

-P, --provides SUBMODULES
generate the Provides: line, which is built from specified comma-separated
submodules. They will all be converted to what would amount to their Debian package
name -- i.e. "-P foo,bar" becomes "Provides: drupal7-mod-foo, drupal7-mod-bar"
(when building a Drupal7 module).

Use dh-make-drupal online using onworks.net services

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