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dh_ppp - calculate ppp dependencies


dh_ppp [debhelper options] [--breaks] [--force] [--plugin-dir]


dh_ppp is a debhelper program that adds appropriate ppp dependencies on packages that
build pppd plugins.

By default, some entries are added to misc:Depends that ensure that packages which contain
plugins that are loaded into pppd depend on an appropriate version of the ppp package.

You may prefer to use a Breaks relationship instead, for example if your package supplies
a pppd plugin but does not require it for normal operation. In that case you should supply
the --breaks option and misc:Breaks will be populated instead of misc:Depends.

Substvars entries are only added if a pppd plugin is detected in the build products,
unless --force is specified. Plugins are detected by searching a package's build products
for libraries with a symbol named plugin_init.

A warning is emitted if a plugin is found that does not also contain a pppd_version

Please note there is a dh addon named ppp which can be used to automatically invoke dh_ppp
for you.

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