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dirmngr-client - Tool to access the Dirmngr services


dirmngr-client [options] [certfile|pattern]


The dirmngr-client is a simple tool to contact a running dirmngr and test whether a
certificate has been revoked --- either by being listed in the corresponding CRL or by
running the OCSP protocol. If no dirmngr is running, a new instances will be started but
this is in general not a good idea due to the huge performance overhead.

The usual way to run this tool is either:

dirmngr-client acert


dirmngr-client <acert

Where acert is one DER encoded (binary) X.509 certificates to be tested.


dirmngr-client returns these values:

0 The certificate under question is valid; i.e. there is a valid CRL available and it
is not listed there or the OCSP request returned that that certificate is valid.

1 The certificate has been revoked

2 (and other values)
There was a problem checking the revocation state of the certificate. A message to
stderr has given more detailed information. Most likely this is due to a missing
or expired CRL or due to a network problem.


dirmngr-client may be called with the following options:

Print the program version and licensing information. Note that you cannot
abbreviate this command.

--help, -h
Print a usage message summarizing the most useful command-line options. Note that
you cannot abbreviate this command.

--quiet, -q
Make the output extra brief by suppressing any informational messages.


Outputs additional information while running. You can increase the verbosity by
giving several verbose commands to dirmngr, such as '-vv'.

--pem Assume that the given certificate is in PEM (armored) format.

--ocsp Do the check using the OCSP protocol and ignore any CRLs.

When checking using the OCSP protocl, force the use of the default OCSP responder.
That is not to use the Reponder as given by the certificate.

--ping Check whether the dirmngr daemon is up and running.

Put the given certificate into the cache of a running dirmngr. This is mainly
useful for debugging.

Validate the given certificate using dirmngr's internal validation code. This is
mainly useful for debugging.

This command expects a list of filenames with DER encoded CRL files. With the
option --url URLs are expected in place of filenames and they are loaded directly
from the given location. All CRLs will be validated and then loaded into dirmngr's

Take the remaining arguments and run a lookup command on each of them. The results
are Base-64 encoded outputs (without header lines). This may be used to retrieve
certificates from a server. However the output format is not very well suited if
more than one certificate is returned.


-u Modify the lookup and load-crl commands to take an URL.


-l Let the lookup command only search the local cache.

Run dirmngr-client in a mode suitable as a helper program for Squid's
external_acl_type option.

Use dirmngr-client online using onworks.net services

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