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disper - on-the-fly display switcher


disper [options] (-l|-s|-c|-e|-p|-i)


Disper re-routes your screen output to one or more connected displays. For example when
giving a presentation, all one wants is that the beamer, which has just been connected, is
able to show whatever you prepared.

There is the option to either clone all detected displays, or extend the desktop to them.
Resolutions are automatically detected by default. For cloning, the highest resolution
supported by all displays devices is chosen; for extending every display device gets its
preferred or highest supported resolution. For special setups requiring more detailed
control, one can still use the vendor-supplied display configuration utilities.


show program's version number and exit

-h, --help
show this help message and exit

-v, --verbose
show what's happening

-q, --quiet
be quiet and only show errors

set resolution, e.g. "800x600", or "auto" to detect the display's preferred
resolution, "max" to use the maximum resolution advertised, or "off" to disable the
display entirely. For extend it is possible to enter a single resolution for all
displays or a commaseparated list of resolutions (one for each display). Beware
that many displays advertise resolutions they can not fully show, so "max" is not

-d DISPLAYS, --displays=DISPLAYS
comma-separated list of displays to operate on, or "auto" to detect; the first is
the primary display.

where to extend displays: "left", "right", "top", or "bottom"

flat-panel scaling mode: "default", "native", "scaled", "centered", or

comma-separated list of plugins to enable. Special names: "user" for all user
plugins in ~/.config/disper/hooks; "all" for all plugins found; "none" for no

colon-separated list command-line arguments to cycle through; "-S:-c:-s" by default


Select exactly one of the following actions

-l, --list
list the attached displays

-s, --single
only enable the primary display

-S, --secondary
only enable the secondary display

-c, --clone
clone displays

-e, --extend
extend displays

-p, --export
export current settings to standard output

-i, --import
import current settings from standard input

-C, --cycle
cycle through the list of cycle stages

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