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dlint - Internet Domain Name System (DNS) error checking utility


dlint [ -n ] zone


DNS administrators can use dlint to scan recursively through the domain records of the
fully-qualified zone zone, to get a report on any errors therein. You can scan a zone you
own, or anyone else's zone on the Internet. dlint talks directly to a primary or
secondary nameserver for the zone, to make sure it's working with up-to-date information.

dlint also suggests ways of fixing problems instead of just complaining about them like
other debugging tools.

The argument zone should always have an ending period to indicate it is a fully qualified
domain name.


By default, dlint recursively traverses the entire hierarchy below the zone specified.
The -n option may be used to disable recursive traversal, causing it to only examine the
records in the given zone. Note that a zone may or may not contain any number of sub-
domains (all of which will be checked with or without this option).


example% dlint nau.edu.

recursively scans the DNS records in zone nau.edu for problems.

example% dlint 64.114.134.in-addr.arpa.

recursively scans the DNS records associated with IP subnet for problems.
You had to already know that was subnetted.


The output from dlint is computer parsable, each line has a special meaning. Lines
beginning with a semicolon (;) are comments only. Lines beginning with the phrase
``WARNING'' are useful information that you should consider. A warning is not necessarily
an error, but may be a problem. Lines beginning with the phrase ``ERROR'' are definite
errors and should be dealt with accordingly.


0 Successful run, no problems encountered with zone.

1 Successful run, worst problem with zone was a WARNING.

2 Successful run, worst problem with zone was an ERROR.

3 Usage error.

4 A signal interrupted the program run (i.e. user typed interrupt key sequence).

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