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downloadosmtiles.pl - Download map tiles from OpenStreetMap


downloadosmtiles.pl --lat=49.5611:49.6282 --lon=10.951:11.0574 --zoom=13:14
downloadosmtiles.pl --link='http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=-23.5872&lon=-46.6508&zoom=12&layers=B000FTF'
downloadosmtiles.pl --loadtilelist=filename


This script downloads all map tiles from an OpenStreetMap tile server for some geographic
region in a range of zoom levels. The PNG images of the tiles are stored in a directory
tree that mirrors the paths from the server.

A bounding box of geographic coordinates and a range of zoom levels must be selected by
command line options.


Command line options may be abbreviated as long as they remain unambiguous.

At least either "--latitude", "--longitude", and "--zoom" or "--link" must be specified.

Selects the latitude of the bounding box of coordinates to download. May be one single
real value or two real values separated by a colon in the range "-85.0511..85.0511". If
given only one value, just the tile (or row of tiles) at this latitude will be downloaded.

Default: none

Selects the longitude of the bounding box of coordinates to download. May be one single
real value or two real values separated by a colon in the range "-180.0..180.0". If given
only one value, just the tile (or column of tiles) at this longitude will be downloaded.

Default: none

Selects the range of zoom levels to download the map tiles for. May be one single integer
value or two integer values separated by a colon. OpenStreetMap supports zoom levels in
the range 0..18. (This depends on the base URL and is not enforced by this script.)

Note that the number of tiles to download grows by a factor of up to four with each zoom

Default: none

An URL selecting "--latitude", "--longitude", and "--zoom" in one argument. The idea is
to select the current view of OSM's slippy map by its permalink.

The argument to "--link" must be an URL containing the HTTP options "?lat=s&lon=s&zoom=s".
(Actually, the base URL will be ignored.) The script chooses a box around the latitude
and longitude options. The size of the box depends on the zoom option.

If combined with "--latitude", "--longitude", or "--zoom", these explicitly specified
values override the implicitly specified values from "--link".

Default: none

The base URL of the server to download the tiles from.

Default: <http://tile.openstreetmap.org> (This is the base URL for the Mapnik tiles.)

The directory where the tiles will be stored. The PNG files will be stored as

Default: The current working directory.

Do not write any diagnostic messages. Only fatal errors will be reported.

Do not download any tiles at all, but write a list of tiles as selected by other command
line options to the file named "filename". See "TILE LISTS" below.

Read a list of tiles to download from the file "filename". See "TILE LISTS" below.


Select the region of interest in OSM's slippy map and follow the permalink in the lower
left of the window. Lets assume this permalink to be
<http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=49.5782&lon=11.0076&zoom=12&layers=B000FTF>. Then

downloadosmtiles.pl --link='http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=49.5782&lon=11.0076&zoom=12&layers=B000FTF' --zoom=5:18

will download all tiles from zoom level 5 to 18 for this region.


A list of tiles may be stored to and retrieved from external files using the
"--dumptilelist" and "--loadtilelist" command line options. A set of tiles may be
selected using the command line options "--latitude", "--longitude", "--zoom", and
"--link" and written to a file specified with "--dumptilelist". This list may be read at
a later date using the "--loadtilelist" option.

This may be useful to postpone the download of the tiles, to edit the list of tiles, or to
use some external tool to generate this list.

The tile lists are read and written in YAML format. Please note that this is an
experimental feature in the current version. The file format is not considered stable
yet. There is no guarantee that a list of tiles generated by one version of this script
may be read in by a future version.


These environment variables can be set to enable communication through a proxy server.
This is implemented by LWP::UserAgent.

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