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dpkg-gencontrol - generate Debian control files


dpkg-gencontrol [option...]


dpkg-gencontrol reads information from an unpacked Debian source tree and generates a
binary package control file (which defaults to debian/tmp/DEBIAN/control); during this
process it will simplify the relation fields.

Thus Pre-Depends, Depends, Recommends and Suggests are simplified in this order by
removing dependencies which are known to be true according to the stronger dependencies
already parsed. It will also remove any self-dependency (in fact it will remove any
dependency which evaluates to true given the current version of the package as installed).
Logically it keeps the intersection of multiple dependencies on the same package. The
order of dependencies is preserved as best as possible: if any dependency must be
discarded due to another dependency appearing further in the field, the superseding
dependency will take the place of the discarded one.

The other relation fields (Enhances, Conflicts, Breaks, Replaces and Provides) are also
simplified individually by computing the union of the various dependencies when a package
is listed multiple times in the field.

dpkg-gencontrol also adds an entry for the binary package to debian/files.


Sets the version number of the binary package which will be generated.

Set an output substitution variable. See deb-substvars(5) for discussion of output

Read substitution variables in substvars-file; the default is debian/substvars.
This option can be used multiple times to read substitution variables from multiple
files (since dpkg 1.15.6).

Override or add an output control file field.

Remove an output control file field.

Specifies the main source control file to read information from. The default is

Specifies the changelog file to read information from. The default is

Read or write the list of files to be uploaded here, rather than using

Specifies the format of the changelog. See dpkg-parsechangelog(1) for information
about alternative formats.

Generate information for the binary package package. If the source control file
lists only one binary package then this option may be omitted; otherwise it is
essential to select which binary package's information to generate.

Assume the filename of the package will be filename instead of the normal
package_version_arch.deb filename.

-is, -ip, -isp
These options are ignored for compatibility with older versions of the dpkg build
scripts but are now deprecated. Previously they were used to tell dpkg-gencontrol
to include the Section and Priority fields in the control file. This is now the
default behaviour. If you want to get the old behaviour you can use the -U option
to delete the fields from the control file.

Tells dpkg-source that the package is being built in package-build-dir instead of
debian/tmp. This value is used to find the default value of the Installed-Size
substitution variable and control file field (using du), and for the default
location of the output file.

Print the control file to standard output (or filename if specified, since dpkg
1.17.2), rather than to debian/tmp/DEBIAN/control (or package-build-
dir/DEBIAN/control if -P was used).

-?, --help
Show the usage message and exit.

Show the version and exit.

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