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encode_keychange - produce the KeyChange string for SNMPv3


encode_keychange -t md5|sha1 [OPTIONS]


encode_keychange produces a KeyChange string using the old and new passphrases as
described in Section 5 of RFC 2274 "User-based Security Model (USM) for version 3 of the
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv3)". -t option is mandatory and specifies the
hash transform type to use.

The transform is used to convert passphrase to master key for a given user (Ku), convert
master key to the localized key (Kul), and to hash the old Kul with the random bits.

Passphrases are obtained by examining a number of sources until success (in order listed):

command line options (see -N and -O options below);

the file $HOME/.snmp/passphrase.ek which should only contain two lines with old and
new passphrase;

standard input -or- user input from the terminal.


-E [0x]<engineID> EngineID used for Kul generation.
<engineID> is intepreted as a hex string when preceded by 0x, otherwise it is
treated as a text string. If no <engineID> is specified, it is constructed from the
first IP address for the local host.

-f Force passphrases to be read from standard input.

-h Display the help message.

-N "<new_passphrase>"
Passphrase used to generate the new Ku.

-O "<old_passphrase>"
Passphrase used to generate the old Ku.

-P Turn off the prompt for passphrases when getting data from standard input.

-v Be verbose.

-V Echo passphrases to terminal.

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