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exabgp — Influence or control network using BGP


exabgp [--folder folder | -f folder] [--env env-config | -e env-config] [--full-ini | --fi]
[--diff-ini | --di] [--full-env | --fe] [--diff-env | --de] [--debug | -d]
[--signal time] [--once | -1] [--pdb | -p] [--memory | -s] [--profile profile]
[--test | -t] [--decode hex-message | -x hex-message] [--help | -h] [--version | -v]
[configuration ...]


exabgp allows engineers to control their network from commodity servers. Possible uses
include DDoS mitigation, network visualisation, service high availability and implementing
anycast. exabgp does not perform any FIB manipulation on the system it runs on; if you need
that this is not the program for you. exabgp can also print received BGP messages into
readable plain text or JSON formatted text.

The arguments are as follows:

--folder folder | -f folder
Specify the directory where the configuration file can be found.

--env env-config | -e env-config
Specify where the environment configuration file can be found.

--full-ini | --fi
Display the full environment configuration using on stdout using the ini format.

--diff-ini | --di
Display the non-default environment configuration on stdout using the ini format.

--full-env | --fe
Display the full environment configuration on stdout using the env format.

--diff-env | --de
Display the non-default configuration on stdout using the env format.

--debug | -d
Start the python debugger on serious logging on and on reception of the SIGTERM
signal. This is a shortcut for exabgp.log.all=true and exabgp.log.level=DEBUG.

--signal time
Issue a SIGUSR1 signal to reload the configuration after the specified number of
seconds, only useful for code debugging.

--once | -1
Only perform one attempt to connect to peers, used mostly for debugging.

--pdb | -p
Start the python debugger on critical logging, reception of SIGTERM, and on uncaught
python exceptions. This is a shortcut for exabgp.pdb.enable=true.

--memory | -s
Display memory usage information on program exit.

--profile profile
Enable collection of profiling information to the given file. This is a shortcut
for exabgp.profile.enable=true and exabgp.profile.file=profile.

--test | -t
Only do a configuration validity check.

--decode hex-message | -x hex-message
Decode a raw route packet in hexadecimal string.

--help | -h
Display summary of usage and configuration of exabgp.

--version | -v
Display the exabgp version number and exit.


The configuration of exabgp is split in two:

· The environment configuration which controls the basic execution of exabgp such as
logging, daemonizing, pid-file, profiling etc.
· The BGP configuration of exabgp, which specifies which neighbors it should talk BGP with
and all other aspects of the BGP configuration.

The environment configuration can be specified a number of different ways, with different

1. Command line values using dot-separated notation.
2. Environment variables using dot-separated notation.
3. Command line values using underscore-separated notation.
4. Environment variables using underscore-seprated notation.
5. The values from the ini configuration file, /etc/exabgp/exabgp.env
6. The built-in default values.

The following environment variables can be used to configure the basic execution of exabgp:

exabgp.api.encoder (experimental) default encoder to use with external API (text or
json). Default: text.

exabgp.api.highres Controls whether to use high-resolution timestamps in JSON. Default:

exabgp.api.respawn Controls whether to respawn a helper process if it dies. Default:

exabgp.bgp.openwait Controls how many seconds we should wait for a BGP open message once
the TCP session is established. Default: 60 seconds.

exabgp.cache.attributes Controls whether all attributes (configuration and wire) should be
cached for faster parsing. Default: true.

exabgp.cache.nexthops (deprecated) Controls whether route next-hops are cached. Default:

exabgp.daemon.daemonize Controls whether exabgp should run in the background. Default:

exabgp.daemon.pid Where to save the PID of exabgp if we manage it. Default: '' (not

exabgp.daemon.user The user to run exabgp as. Should be an unprivileged user. Default:

exabgp.log.all Controls whether debug logging should be done for everything.
Default: false.

exabgp.log.configuration Controls whether logging should be done for the configuration and
command parsing. Default: true.

exabgp.log.daemon Controls whether logging should be done for PID change, forking, etc.
Default: true.

exabgp.log.destination Controls where logging should be sent. syslog (or no setting) sends
the data to the local syslog server. host:<location> sends the data
to a remote syslog server. stdout sends the data to stdout. stderr
sends the data to stderr. <filename> sends the data to the named
file. Default: stdout.

exabgp.log.enable Controls whether logging should be done. Default: true.

exabgp.log.level Sets the minimum severity level to log. Default: INFO.

exabgp.log.message Controls logging of changes in route announcement in config reload.
Default: false.

exabgp.log.network Controls logging of networking information (TCP/IP state, network
state etc.). Default: true.

exabgp.log.packets Controls logging of BGP packets sent and received. Default: false.

exabgp.log.parser Controls logging of BGP message parsing details. Default: false.

exabgp.log.processes Controls logging of forked processes. Default: true.

exabgp.log.reactor Controls logging of signals received and command reload. Default:

exabgp.log.rib Controls logging of changes in locally configured routes. Default:

exabgp.log.routes Controls logging of received routes. Default: false.

exabgp.log.short Coontrols whether to use long or short log format (not prepended with
time, level, pid and source). Default: false.

exabgp.log.timers Controls logging of keepalive timers. Default: false.

exabgp.pdb.enable Controls whether pdb, the python interactive debugger should be
started on program faults. Default: false.

exabgp.profile.enable Controls whether profiling of the code should be done. Default:

exabgp.profile.file Controls where profiling results should be written. None/empty means
stdout. Default: empty.

exabgp.reactor.speed Controls the time of one reactor loop. Use only if you understand the
code. Default: 1.0.

exabgp.tcp.acl (experimental, unimplemented). Default: empty.

exabgp.tcp.bind IP address to bind to when listening (no ip to disable). Default:

exabgp.tcp.delay Start to announce routes when the minutes in the hour is a modulo of
this number. Default: 0.

exabgp.tcp.once Only perform one TCP connection attempt per peer, for debugging
scripts. Default: false.

exabgp.tcp.port Port to bind to when listening. Default: 179.

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