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fastboot - Android flashing and booting utility


fastboot [-w] [-u] [-s device] [-p product] [-c cmdline] [-i vendorId] [-b baseAddr] [-n
pageSize] [-S size[K|M|G]] command


fastboot is a command line tool for flashing an Android device, boot an Android device to
fastboot mode, etc..


-w Erase userdata and cache (and format if supported by partition type).

-u Do not erase partition before formatting.

-s device
Specify device serial number or path to device port.

-p product
Specify product name.

-c cmdline
Override kernel commandline.

-i vendorId
Specify a custom USB vendor ID.

-b baseAddr
Specify a custom kernel base address (default: 0x10000000).

-n pageSize
Specify the nand page size (default: 2048).

-S size[K|M|G]
Automatically sparse files greater than 'size'. 0 to disable.


fastboot update filename
Reflash device from update.zip.

fastboot flashall
Flash boot, system, vendor, and -- if found -- recovery.

fastboot flash partition [filename]
Write a file to a flash partition.

fastboot flashing lock
Locks the device. Prevents flashing.

fastboot flashing unlock
Unlocks the device. Allows flashing any partition except bootloader-related

fastboot flashing lock_critical
Prevents flashing bootloader-related partitions.

fastboot flashing unlock_critical
Enables flashing bootloader-related partitions.

fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability
Queries bootloader to see if the device is unlocked.

fastboot erase partition
Erase a flash partition.

fastboot format[:[fs type][:[size]] partition
Format a flash partition. Can override the fs type and/or size the bootloader

fastboot getvar variable
Display a bootloader variable.

fastboot boot kernel [ramdisk [second]]
Download and boot kernel.

fastboot flash:raw boot kernel [ramdisk [second]]
Create bootimage and flash it.

fastboot devices [-l]
List all connected devices (with device paths if -l is used).

fastboot continue
Continue with autoboot.

fastboot reboot [bootloader]
Reboot device [into bootloader].

fastboot reboot-bootloader
Reboot device into bootloader.

fastboot help
Show this help message.


The Android Open Source Project.

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