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fdm — fetch and deliver mail


fdm [-hklmnqv] [-a account] [-D name= value] [-f conffile] [-u user] [-x account]
[fetch | poll]


The fdm program fetches mail from a POP3 or IMAP server or from stdin and delivers it based
on a ruleset in the configuration file.

The options are as follows:

-a name
Process only the specified account. This option may appear multiple times. The
account name may include shell glob characters to match multiple accounts.

-D name=value
This option defines a macro for use when parsing the configuration file. The macro
name must be prefixed with $ or % to specify a string or numeric macro. This option
may appear multiple times.

-f conffile
Specify the configuration file location. Default is ~/.fdm.conf, or /etc/fdm.conf
if that doesn't exist.

-h Look at the HOME environment variable to ascertain the user's home directory.

-k Keep all mail after delivery, regardless of whether it matches a drop action. Note
that mails kept in this way will be refetched by fdm if it is run again on the same

-l Log using syslog(3) rather than to stderr.

-m Ignore the lock file and run regardless of other instances of fdm.

-n Do not process any accounts, just verify the configuration file syntax and exit.

-q Quiet mode. Only print errors.

-u user
Specify the default user for delivery. This overrides the default-user option in
the configuration file.

-v Request verbose logging. This option may be specified multiple times. -vv will
print information on configuration (useful with -n). -vvvv duplicates all traffic
to and from remote servers to stdout. This feature is disabled when using the -l

-x name
Exclude the named account. Multiple -x options may be specified. As with -a, shell
glob characters may be used.

fetch | poll | cache
The fetch command instructs fdm to fetch and deliver messages. The poll command
polls the accounts in the configuration file and reports a message count for each.
cache allows fdm cache files to be manipulated: see the next section.


The following cache manipulation commands are supported:

cache add path string

cache remove path string
Add or remove string as a key in the cache at path.

cache list [path]
List the number of keys in the specified cache, or if path is omitted, in all caches
declared in the configuration file.

cache dump path
Dump the contents of the cache path to stdout. Each key is printed followed by a
space and the timestamp as Unix time.

cache clear path
Delete all keys from the cache at path.

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