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fiascotopnm - Convert compressed FIASCO image to PGM, or PPM


fiascotopnm [option]... [filename]...


fiascotopnm decompresses the named FIASCO files, or the Standard Input if no file is
named, and writes the images as PGM, or PPM files, depending on whether the FIASCO image
is black and white or color.


All option names may be abbreviated; for example, --output may be written --outp or --ou.
For all options an one letter short option is provided. Mandatory or optional arguments to
long options are mandatory or optional for short options, too. Both short and long options
are case sensitive.

-o[name], --output=[name]
Write decompressed image to the file name.ppm (if PPM) or name.pgm (if PGM). If
name=- then produce the image file on the standard output. The optional argument
name can be omitted, then the input filename is used as basename with the suffix
.ppm or .pgm. In case of video streams, the frames are stored in the files
name.N.ppm where N is the frame number (of the form 00..0 - 99..9); output on the
standard output is not possible with video streams.

If name is a relative path and the environment variable FIASCO_IMAGES is a (colon-
separated) list of directories, then the output file(s) are written to the first
(writable) directory of this list. Otherwise, the current directory is used to
store the output file(s).

-z, --fast
Decompress images in the 4:2:0 format; i.e., each chroma channel is decompressed to
an image of halved width and height. Use this option on slow machines when the
desired frame rate is not achieved; the output quality is only slightly decreased.

-d, --double
Double the size of the X11 window both in width and height; no pixel interpolation
is used, each pixel is just replaced by four identical pixels.

-p, --panel
Show a panel with play, stop, pause, record and exit buttons to control the display
of videos. When pressing the record button, all frames are decompressed and stored
in memory. The other buttons work in the usual way.

-m N, --magnify=N
Set magnification of the decompressed image. Positive values enlarge and negative
values reduce the image width and height by a factor of 2^|N|.

-s N, --smooth=N
Smooth decompressed image(s) along the partitioning borders by the given amount N.
N is 1 (minimum) to 100 (maximum); default is 70. When N=0, then the smoothing
amount specified in the FIASCO file is used (defined by the FIASCO coder).

-F N, --fps=N
Set number of frames per second to N. When using this option, the frame rate
specified in the FIASCO file is overridden.

-v, --version
Print fiascotopnm version number, then exit.

-f name, --config=name
Load parameter file name to initialize the options of fiascotopnm. See file
system.fiascorc for an example of the syntax. Options of fiascotopnm are set by any
of the following methods (in the specified order):

1) Global ressource file /etc/system.fiascorc

2) $HOME/.fiascorc

3) command line

4) --config=name

-h, --info
Print brief help, then exit.

-H, --help
Print detailed help, then exit.


fiascotopnm foo.wfa >foo.ppm
Decompress the FIASCO file "foo.wfa" and store it as "foo.ppm".

fiascotopnm -o foo1.wfa foo2.wfa
Decompress the FIASCO files "foo1.wfa" and "foo2.wfa" and write the frames to the
image files "foo1.wfa.ppm" and "foo2.wfa.ppm".

fiascotopnm -oimage foo1.wfa
Decompress the FIASCO file "foo1.wfa" and write all 15 frames to the image files
"image.00.ppm", ... , "image.14.ppm".

fiascotopnm --fast --magnify=-1 --double video.wfa >stream.ppm
Decompress the FIASCO file "video.wfa". The decompression speed is as fast as
possible: the image is decompressed (in 4:2:0 format) at a quarter of its original
size; then the image is enlarged again by pixel doubling.

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