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fieldcomb - combine two or more field frames for video animation


fieldcomb [ -e|-o ][ -r ] [ -f combined.hdr ] field0.hdr field1.hdr ..


Fieldcomb combines two or more field frames into half as many final video frames for
field-based animations. Normally, the even scanlines in the output are given over to the
first, third, fifth, etc. pictures given on the input, and the odd scanlines are given
over to the second, fourth, sixth, etc. pictures on the input. This behavior corresponds
to the -e option, which is set by default. To reverse this ordering, the -o option must
be specified.

Normally, fieldcomb will name output frames by dividing the numbers on the input field
file names by 2, inserting a 'C' right before the number, adding leading zeroes to make it
always four digits. For example, the command:

fieldcomb anim12.hdr anim13.hdr anim14.hdr anim15.hdr

will produce two output pictures:

animC0006.hdr & animC0007.hdr

If an odd number of input files is given on the command line, the last file is held over
and used as the first file in the next invocation of fieldcomb in the same directory. In
this way, the program works well with the "TRANSFER" facility of ranimate(1), which does
not guarantee an even number of frames will be passed every time.

If only two input files are given, the -f option may be used to specify a different output
name of the user's choosing.

If the -r option is specified, then the input files will be removed once they have been

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