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findrule - command line wrapper to File::Find::Rule


findrule [path...] [expression]


"findrule" mostly borrows the interface from GNU find(1) to provide a command-line
interface onto the File::Find::Rule heirarchy of modules.

The syntax for expressions is the rule name, preceded by a dash, followed by an optional
argument. If the argument is an opening parenthesis it is taken as a list of arguments,
terminated by a closing parenthesis.

Some examples:

find -file -name ( foo bar )

files named "foo" or "bar", below the current directory.

find -file -name foo -bar

files named "foo", that have pubs (for this is what our ficticious "bar" clause
specifies), below the current directory.

find -file -name ( -bar )

files named "-bar", below the current directory. In this case if we'd have omitted the
parenthesis it would have parsed as a call to name with no arguments, followed by a call
to -bar.

Supported switches
I'm very slack. Please consult the File::Find::Rule manpage for now, and prepend - to the
commands that you want.

Extra bonus switches
findrule automatically loads all of your installed File::Find::Rule::* extension modules,
so check the documentation to see what those would be.

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