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flarq - ARQ data transfer utility for fldigi


flarq [OPTIONS]


Flarq (fast light automatic repeat request) is a file transfer application that is based
on the ARQ specification developed by Paul Schmidt, K9PS. It is capable of transmitting
and receiving frames of ARQ data via fldigi, as well as MultiPSK on Windows.


Long options begin with two hyphens and are handled by flarq. The option names may be
abbreviated to any unambiguous substring, and the option argument may be separated from
the name by a space or equals sign, as per getopt(3).

Short options begin with a single hyphen and are passed directly to FLTK. They may be
abbreviated only as indicated.

--arq-protocol TYPE
Set the ARQ protocol. May be either “fldigi” or “multipsk”. Defaults to “fldigi”.

--arq-server-address HOSTNAME
Set the ARQ TCP server address. Defaults to “”. HOSTNAME may be any node
name string accepted by getaddrinfo(3).

--arq-server-port PORT
Set the ARQ TCP server port. Defaults to “7322”. PORT may be any service name string
accepted by getaddrinfo(3).

Enable debugging messages.

Print version information and exit.

Print build information and exit.

Print options summary and exit.

Standard FLTK options
-bg, -background COLOUR
Set the background colour.

-bg2, -background2 COLOUR
Set the secondary (text) background colour.

-di, -display DISPLAY
Specifies the X server to connect to; see X(7).

-dn, -dnd or -nodn, -nodnd
Enable or disable drag and drop copy and paste in text fields.

-fg, -foreground COLOUR
Set the foreground colour.

-g, -geometry GEOMETRY
Set the initial window size and position. Flarq may not honour this option.

-i, -iconic
Start flarq in iconified state. Flarq may not honour this option.

-k, -kbd or -nok, -nokbd
Enable or disable visible keyboard focus in non-text widgets.

-na, -name CLASSNAME
Set the window class. Defaults to “Flarq”.

-ti, -title WINDOWTITLE
Set the window title. Defaults to “flarq - <callsign>”.

Additional UI options
--font FONT[:SIZE]
Set the widget font and (optionally) size. Defaults to “sans:12”.

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