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fondu - convert Macintosh font files to UNIX font format


fondu [-force] [-inquire] [-show] [-latin1] [-afm] [-trackps] macfile...


The program fondu reads a series of Macintosh font files, checks their resource forks, and
extracts all font related items into separate files.

Input files may be either macbinary files (.bin), binhex files (.hqx), bare Macintosh
resource forks, or data fork resource files (.dfont, as used by MacOS X). A bare resource
fork may be generated easily be copying a file with a resource fork onto a diskette (or
zip drive) using DOS format. The Macintosh will create a folder called resource.frk
(invisible on the Macintosh itself), in which the resource fork will reside as a bare

The command line should end with a list of one or more Macintosh font files, macfile...;
these files should be macbinary (.bin), binhex(.hqx), or bare resource fork files.


-force Force overwriting of the original file.

Prompt for input before overwriting files. This overrides -force.

-show Print out each file as it is created.

Recode any macintosh bitmap fonts (NFNTs) from the macintosh roman encoding to

If the macfiles argument mentions a file containing a FOND, and that FOND mentions
external PostScript resource files, then attempt to open those PostScript files as
well as processing the original file.

-afm For any macfile which contains a FOND and points to at least one PostScript
resource file create an Adobe Font Metrics (afm) file. Fondu will merge width and
bounding box information from the PostScript files, and kerning data from the FOND.

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