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foo2zjs - Convert Ghostscript pbmraw or bitcmyk format into a ZJS printer stream


foo2zjs [options] <pbmraw-file >zjs-file

foo2zjs [options] <bitcmyk-file >zjs-file

foo2zjs [options] <pksmraw-file >zjs-file


foo2zjs converts Ghostscript pbmraw, bitcmyk, or pksmraw output formats to monochrome or
color ZJS streams, for driving the Minolta/QMS 2300 DL network color laser printer and
other Zenographics-based printers.


Normal Options
These are the options used to select the parameters of a print job that are usually
controlled on a per job basis.

-c Force color mode if autodetect doesn't work.

-d duplex
Duplex code to send to printer [1].
│ │ │
│1 off │ 2 long edge │ 3 short edge

-g xpixxypix
Set page dimensions in pixels [10200x6600].

-m media
Media code to send to printer [1].

2300DL 2200DL HP 1018 HP P1102 HP
Media HP 1005 HP 1020 HP P1606 CP1025
-z0 -z0 -z1 -z2 -z3
standard 1 1 1 1 1
transparency 2 2 2 2 2
envelope 257 na 267 267 267
letterhead 259 na 513 513 513
bond na na 260 260 260
thick 261 4 261 na na
postcard 262 na na na na
rough na na 263 263 263
heavy na na 262 262 262
labels 263 3 263 265 265
vellum na na 273 273 273
medium na na na 282 282
extraheavy na na na 283 283
color na na 512 512 512
light na na 258 258 258
preprinted na na 514 514 514
prepunched na na 515 515 515
recycled na na 516 516 516

-p paper
Paper code to send to printer [1].

MC 2300DL HP 1018 HP P1102 HP
Paper HP 1005 HP 1020 HP P1606 CP1025
-z0 -z1 -z2 -z3
letter 1 1 1 1
legal 5 5 5 5
executive 7 7 7 7
A4 9 9 9 9
A5 11 11 11 11
B5jis 13 13 13 13
env #10 20 20 20 20
env DL 27 27 27 27
env CL 28 28 28 28
env B5 34 34 34 34
env Monarch 37 37 37 37
postcard (japan) na 260 43 43
B5iso na 259 na na
A6 na 262 70 70
double postcard na 261 82 82
16k 197x273 na 257 257 257
fanfold german legal na 258 258 258
16k 184x260 na na 263 263
16k 195x270 na na 264 264
photo 4x6 na na na 268
photo 5x8 na na na 269
photo 10x15 na na na 270

-n copies
Number of copies [1].

-r xresxyres
Set device resolution in pixels/inch [1200x600].

-s source
Source (InputSlot) code to send to printer [7].
│ │
│1 upper │ 4 manual
│2 lower │ 7 auto

-t Draft mode. Every other pixel is white.

-T density
Print density (1-5). The default is 3 (medium).

-J filename
Filename string to send to printer.

-U username
Username string to send to printer.

Printer Tweaking Options
These are the options used to customize the operation of foo2zjs for a particular printer.

-u xoffxyoff
Set the offset of the start of the printable region from the upper left corner, in
pixels [0x0].

-l xoffxyoff
Set the offset of the end of the printable region from the lower right corner, in
pixels [0x0].

-L mask
Send logical clipping amounts implied by -u/-l in the ZjStream [3].

0 don't send any logical clipping amounts
1 only send Y clipping amount
2 only send X clipping amount
3 send both X and Y clipping amounts

-P Do not send START_PLANE codes on monochrome output. May be needed by some black
and white only printers, such as the HP LaserJet 1000.

-A AllIsBlack: convert C=1,M=1,Y=1 to just K=1. Works with bitcmyk input only.

-B BlackClears: K=1 forces C,M,Y to 0. Works with bitcmyk input only.

-X padlen
Add extra zero padding to the end of BID segments. The default is 16 bytes.
Padding 16 bytes of zeroes is needed for older ZjStream printers, such as the
Minolta 2200DL and HP LaserJet 1000, and seems harmless to newer ones, such as the
Minolta 2300DL. So the default should be good for all cases.

-z model
Model. Default is 0.

0 KM 2300DL / HP 1000 / HP 1005
1 HP 1018 / HP 1020 / HP 1022
2 HP Pro P1102 / P1566 / P1606dn
3 HP Pro CP1025

Debugging Options
These options are used for debugging foo2zjs.

-S plane
Output just a single color plane from a color print and print it on the black
plane. The default is to output all color planes.

1 Cyan
2 Magenta
3 Yellow
4 Black

-D level
Set Debug level [0].


Create a black and white ZJS stream:

-sPAPERSIZE=letter -r1200x600 -sDEVICE=pbmraw
-sOutputFile=- - < testpage.ps
| foo2zjs -r1200x600 -g10200x6600 -p1 >testpage.zm

Create a color ZJS stream:

-sPAPERSIZE=letter -g10200x6600 -r1200x600 -sDEVICE=bitcmyk
-sOutputFile=- - < testpage.ps
| foo2zjs -r1200x600 -g10200x6600 -p1 >testpage.zc

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