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freetype-config - Get information about a libfreetype installation


freetype-config [options]


freetype-config returns information needed for compiling and linking programs with the
FreeType library, such as linker flags and compilation parameters. Alternatively, it can
be used to query information about the FreeType library version installed on the system,
such as the installation (directory path) prefix or the FreeType version number.

This program is part of the FreeType package.


There are two types of options: output/display selection options, and path override

Output selection options
Only one of the output selection options should be given at each program invocation.

Return the prefix value of the installed FreeType library (the default prefix will
be `/usr' in most cases for distribution-installed packages).

Return the executable prefix value of the installed FreeType library (will often be
the same as the prefix value).

Return the FreeType version number.

Return the `libtool version' of the FreeType library.

Return the library name for linking with libtool.

--libs Return compiler flags for linking with the installed FreeType library.

Return compiler flags for compiling against the installed FreeType library.

Make command line options display flags for static linking.

Path override options
These affect any selected output option, except the libtool version returned by

Override `--prefix' value with PREFIX.

Override `--exec-prefix' value with EPREFIX.

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