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fwts-collect - collect logs for fwts bug reporting.


fwts-collect [FILES]


This manual page documents briefly the fwts-collect firmware test suite log collecting
tool. The tool fwts-collect collects logs and various system and firmware dumps into the
gzip'd tar ball fwts-logs.tar.gz which can then be added to bug reports. It collects data
from /proc/iomem, /proc/mtrr, /proc/interrupts, IRQ counts from
/sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts and kernel logs. It also invokes fwts and gathers ACPI
tables, memorymaps, MultiProcessor table dumps, CMOS data, UEFI variables, EBDA region,
kernel version and ACPI version information. fwts using sudo is required.
Running fwts with no options will collect logs automatically. However, one can also
specify the names of addition files to be added to the gzip'd tar ball.


Gather up logs into fwts-logs.tar.gz
sudo fwts-collect

Gather up logs and also /var/log/pm-powersave.log
sudo fwts-collect /var/log/pm-powersave.log

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