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ganglia2pcp - import ganglia data and create a PCP archive


ganglia2pcp [-s start] [-e end] [-f outfile] [-d outdir] [-Z timezone] [-h hostname]


ganglia2pcp is intended to read a set of ganglia files stored in the rrd format and
translate them into a Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) archive with the basename outfile.

The intent of this converter is to take all of the rrd files found in the input_dir and
generate a single pcp archive file. The mapping of ganglia metrics to pcp metrics is
defined internally.

The resultant PCP achive may be used with all the PCP client tools to graph subsets of the
data using pmchart(1), perform data reduction and reporting, filter with the PCP inference
engine pmie(1), etc.

A series of physical files will be created with the prefix outfile. These are outfile.0
(the performance data), outfile.meta (the metadata that describes the performance data)
and outfile.index (a temporal index to improve efficiency of replay operations for the
archive). If any of these files exists already, then sar2pcp will not overwrite them and
will exit with an error message of the form

__pmLogNewFile: blah.0 already exists, not over-written

ganglia2pcp is a Perl script that uses the PCP::LogImport Perl wrapper around the PCP
libpcp_import library, and as such could be used as an example to develop new tools to
import other types of performance data and create PCP archives. The RRDs Perl wrapper is
used to parse the raw rrd format files.

Options control the functioning of the converter.

-s The start argument specifies a start time in a format understood by str2time. The
default start time is 24 prior to current time.

-e The end argument specifies a end time in a format understood by str2time. The default
start time is current time.

-f The outfile argument specifies a output file name. The default name is in the
standard pmlogger format based on the start time, eg 20150201.00.10

-d The outdir argument specifies a output to write to. The default is the current

-Z The timezone argument sets the source timezone in the PCP archive (the default is to
use the local timezone). The timezone must have the format +HHMM (for hours and
minutes East of UTC) or -HHMM (for hours and minutes West of UTC) or UTC. Note in
particular that neither the zoneinfo (aka Olson) format, e.g. Europe/Paris, nor the
Posix TZ format, e.g. EST+5 is allowed. Example: timezone=+1100.

-h The hostname argument specifies a hostname to write to the archive. The default is
taken from the directory name that the rrd files reside in.


Environment variables with the prefix PCP_ are used to parameterize the file and directory
names used by PCP. On each installation, the file /etc/pcp.conf contains the local values
for these variables. The $PCP_CONF variable may be used to specify an alternative
configuration file, as described in pcp.conf(5).

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