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gbfun - Apply functions to table of data


gbfun [options] <function definition> ...


Compute arbitrary colum-wise functions on data read from standard input. Variable 'xi'
stands for the i-th column while 'x0' stands for the row number, e.g. a function f(x1,x2)
operates on the first and secod column. With the option -t the function is computed, in
turn, on every column. In this case f(x1,x2) stands for a function of the column itself
and of the following column (the index being a lead operator). In these cases 'x' is
equivalent to 'x1'. With -r or -R the function is recursevely computed "columwise" on each
row. In this case the variable 'x' identifies the result of the previous evaluation. A lag
operator can be specified with the letter l, like in 'x1l2', which means the first column
two steps before. More functions can be specified and will be considered in turn.


-t compute on each column

-r set initial value and compute recursively

-R set initial value, compute recursively and print intermediary results

-v verbose mode

-F specify the input fields separators (default " \t")

-o set the output format (default '%12.6e')

-s set the output separation string (default ' ')

-h this help


gbfun 'x0+log(x2)' file
print the log of the second column of 'file' adding the progressive number of the

gbfun -r 0 'x+sqrt(x1)' file
print the sum of the square root of the elements of the first column of 'file'

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