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gen_keymap — generate a keyboard map decision tree


gen_keymap list ...


gen_keymap generates a decision tree from a set of keyboard maps which can be used to help a
user decide which keyboard map to use. The program using the decision tree typically asks
the user to press some keys; at each step, it examines the returned keycode and uses it to
prune the list of possible keyboard maps until there is only one left.


Show program's version number and exit.

-?, --help
Show help text.

-v, --verbose
Be more verbose.

-mMINLEN, --minlen=MINLEN
Too-short keymaps are skipped (default: 30 entries).

-g, --graph
Generate a hopefully-nice-looking .dot file.

Print the to-be-processed keymaps

-i, --installer
Input files are in d-i map form.

-IDIRS, --inc=DIRS, --include=DIRS
Add a directory to the search path.

Set output file (default: stdout).

-fFILTER, --filter=FILTER
Include only the branches leading to these keymaps.

-uUSEONLY, --useonly=USEONLY
Start generating the tree based only on these keymaps. (The difference between
--filter and --useonly is that the former generates the whole tree and then prunes it,
while the latter only generates a reduced tree to begin with. This may have
implications for performance on large trees.)

-sSKIP, --skip=SKIP
Keymaps to skip.

-t, --test
Test the generated maps.

Ask user to choose among indistinguishable keymaps.


gen_keymap was written by Matthias Urlichs <[email protected]>. This manual page was written
by Colin Watson <[email protected]>.

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