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gen_packets - Generate audio file for AX.25 frames.


gen_packets -o wav-file-out [ options ] [ text-file | - ]

wav-file-out is the result. The -o option is required.

text-file may contain AX.25 packets in the standard monitoring format. Use "-" to
read from stdin. If not specified, a default builtin message will be used.


gen_packets is a test application which converts text to AX.25 audio for testing packet

It is very flexible allowing a wide range of audio sample rates, data speeds, and AFSK
tones. It will even generate the scrambled signals commonly used for 9600 baud operation.


-a n Signal amplitude in range of 0-200%. Default 50. Note that 100% is corresponds to
signal peaks of +/- 16383 so we have plenty of headroom to avoid saturation.

-b n Bits / second for data. Default is 1200.

-B n Bits / second for data. Proper modem selected for 300, 1200, 9600.

-g Scrambled baseband rather than AFSK.

-m n Mark frequency. Default is 1200.

-s n Space frequency. Default is 2200.

-r n Audio sample Rate. Default is 44100.

-n n Generate specified number of frames with increasing noise. (For built-in message

-o file
Send output to .wav file.

-8 8 bit audio rather than 16.

-2 2 channels of audio rather than 1.


gen_packets -o x.wav

With all defaults, a built-in test message is generated with standard Bell 202
tones used for packet radio on ordinary VHF FM transceivers.

gen_packets -o x.wav -g -b 9600
gen_packets -o x.wav -B 9600

Both of these are equivalent. "-B 9600" automatically selects scrambled baseband
rather than AFSK.

gen_packets -o x.wav -m 1600 -s 1800 -b 300
gen_packets -o x.wav -B 300

Both of these generate 200 Hz shift, 300 baud, suitable for HF SSB transceiver.

echo -n WB2OSZ>WORLD:Hello, world! | gen_packets -a 25 -o x.wav -

Read message from stdin and put quarter volume sound into the file x.wav.

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