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get-oui - Fetch the arp-scan OUI file from the IEEE website


get-oui [options]


get-oui fetches the Ethernet OUI file from the IEEE website, and saves it in the format
used by arp-scan.

The OUI file contains all of the OUIs (Organizationally Unique Identifiers) that have been
registered with IEEE. Each OUI entry in the file specifies the first 24-bits of the
48-bit Ethernet hardware address, leaving the remaining 24-bits for use by the registering
organisation. For example the OUI entry "080020", registered to Sun Microsystems, applies
to any Ethernet hardware address from 08:00:20:00:00:00 to 08:00:20:ff:ff:ff inclusive.
Each OUI assignment represents a total of 2^24 (16,777,216) Ethernet addresses.

Every major Ethernet hardware vendor registers an OUI for their equipment, and larger
vendors will need to register more than one. For example, 3Com have a total of 37 OUI
entries. Organisations that only produce a small number of Ethernet devices will often
obtain an IAB registration instead. See get-iab(1) for details.

This script can be used to update the arp-scan OUI file from the latest data on the IEEE
website. Most of the Ethernet addresses in use belong to an OUI registration, so this is
the most important of the files that arp-scan uses to decode Ethernet hardware addresses.
You should therefore run get-oui occasionally to keep the arp-scan OUI file up to date.

The OUI data is fetched from the URL http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/oui.txt and the
output file is saved to the file ieee-oui.txt in the current directory. The URL to fetch
the data from can be changed with the -u option, and the output file name can be changed
with the -f option.

The ieee-oui.txt file that is produced by this script is used by arp-scan to determine the
Ethernet card vendor from its hardware address.

The directory that arp-scan will look for the ieee-oui.txt file depends on the options
used when it was built. If it was built using the default options, then it will look in


-h Display a brief usage message and exit.

-f <fn>
Write the output to the specified file instead of the default ieee-oui.txt.

-u <URL>
Use the specified URL to fetch the raw OUI data from instead of the default

-v Display verbose progress messages.

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