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git-check-attr - Display gitattributes information


git check-attr [-a | --all | attr...] [--] pathname...
git check-attr --stdin [-z] [-a | --all | attr...]


For every pathname, this command will list if each attribute is unspecified, set, or unset
as a gitattribute on that pathname.


-a, --all
List all attributes that are associated with the specified paths. If this option is
used, then unspecified attributes will not be included in the output.

Consider .gitattributes in the index only, ignoring the working tree.

Read pathnames from the standard input, one per line, instead of from the

The output format is modified to be machine-parseable. If --stdin is also given, input
paths are separated with a NUL character instead of a linefeed character.

Interpret all preceding arguments as attributes and all following arguments as path

If none of --stdin, --all, or -- is used, the first argument will be treated as an
attribute and the rest of the arguments as pathnames.


The output is of the form: <path> COLON SP <attribute> COLON SP <info> LF

unless -z is in effect, in which case NUL is used as delimiter: <path> NUL <attribute> NUL
<info> NUL

<path> is the path of a file being queried, <attribute> is an attribute being queried and
<info> can be either:

when the attribute is not defined for the path.

when the attribute is defined as false.

when the attribute is defined as true.

when a value has been assigned to the attribute.

Buffering happens as documented under the GIT_FLUSH option in git(1). The caller is
responsible for avoiding deadlocks caused by overfilling an input buffer or reading from
an empty output buffer.


In the examples, the following .gitattributes file is used:

*.java diff=java -crlf myAttr
NoMyAttr.java !myAttr
README caveat=unspecified

· Listing a single attribute:

$ git check-attr diff org/example/MyClass.java
org/example/MyClass.java: diff: java

· Listing multiple attributes for a file:

$ git check-attr crlf diff myAttr -- org/example/MyClass.java
org/example/MyClass.java: crlf: unset
org/example/MyClass.java: diff: java
org/example/MyClass.java: myAttr: set

· Listing all attributes for a file:

$ git check-attr --all -- org/example/MyClass.java
org/example/MyClass.java: diff: java
org/example/MyClass.java: myAttr: set

· Listing an attribute for multiple files:

$ git check-attr myAttr -- org/example/MyClass.java org/example/NoMyAttr.java
org/example/MyClass.java: myAttr: set
org/example/NoMyAttr.java: myAttr: unspecified

· Not all values are equally unambiguous:

$ git check-attr caveat README
README: caveat: unspecified

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