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git-difftool - Show changes using common diff tools


git difftool [<options>] [<commit> [<commit>]] [--] [<path>...]


git difftool is a Git command that allows you to compare and edit files between revisions
using common diff tools. git difftool is a frontend to git diff and accepts the same
options and arguments. See git-diff(1).


-d, --dir-diff
Copy the modified files to a temporary location and perform a directory diff on them.
This mode never prompts before launching the diff tool.

-y, --no-prompt
Do not prompt before launching a diff tool.

Prompt before each invocation of the diff tool. This is the default behaviour; the
option is provided to override any configuration settings.

-t <tool>, --tool=<tool>
Use the diff tool specified by <tool>. Valid values include emerge, kompare, meld, and
vimdiff. Run git difftool --tool-help for the list of valid <tool> settings.

If a diff tool is not specified, git difftool will use the configuration variable
diff.tool. If the configuration variable diff.tool is not set, git difftool will pick
a suitable default.

You can explicitly provide a full path to the tool by setting the configuration
variable difftool.<tool>.path. For example, you can configure the absolute path to
kdiff3 by setting difftool.kdiff3.path. Otherwise, git difftool assumes the tool is
available in PATH.

Instead of running one of the known diff tools, git difftool can be customized to run
an alternative program by specifying the command line to invoke in a configuration
variable difftool.<tool>.cmd.

When git difftool is invoked with this tool (either through the -t or --tool option or
the diff.tool configuration variable) the configured command line will be invoked with
the following variables available: $LOCAL is set to the name of the temporary file
containing the contents of the diff pre-image and $REMOTE is set to the name of the
temporary file containing the contents of the diff post-image. $MERGED is the name of
the file which is being compared. $BASE is provided for compatibility with custom
merge tool commands and has the same value as $MERGED.

Print a list of diff tools that may be used with --tool.

git difftool's default behavior is create symlinks to the working tree when run in
--dir-diff mode and the right-hand side of the comparison yields the same content as
the file in the working tree.

Specifying --no-symlinks instructs git difftool to create copies instead.
--no-symlinks is the default on Windows.

-x <command>, --extcmd=<command>
Specify a custom command for viewing diffs. git-difftool ignores the configured
defaults and runs $command $LOCAL $REMOTE when this option is specified. Additionally,
$BASE is set in the environment.

-g, --gui
When git-difftool is invoked with the -g or --gui option the default diff tool will be
read from the configured diff.guitool variable instead of diff.tool.

git-difftool invokes a diff tool individually on each file. Errors reported by the
diff tool are ignored by default. Use --trust-exit-code to make git-difftool exit when
an invoked diff tool returns a non-zero exit code.

git-difftool will forward the exit code of the invoked tool when --trust-exit-code is

See git-diff(1) for the full list of supported options.


git difftool falls back to git mergetool config variables when the difftool equivalents
have not been defined.

The default diff tool to use.

The default diff tool to use when --gui is specified.

Override the path for the given tool. This is useful in case your tool is not in the

Specify the command to invoke the specified diff tool.

See the --tool=<tool> option above for more details.

Prompt before each invocation of the diff tool.

Exit difftool if the invoked diff tool returns a non-zero exit status.

See the --trust-exit-code option above for more details.

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