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gnunet-namestore - manipulate GNUnet zones


gnunet-namestore [options]-zZONEFILE


gnunet-namestore can be used to create and manipulate a GNS zone.


-a, --add
Desired operation is adding a record

Use the configuration file FILENAME.

-d, --delete
Desired operation is deleting all of the records under the given name

-D, --display
Desired operation is listing of matching records

-e TIME, --expiration=TIME
Specifies expiration time of record to add; format is relative time, i.e "1 h" or
"7 d 30 m". Supported units are "ms", "s", "min" or "minutes", "h" (hours), "d"
(days) and "a" (years).

-h, --help
Print short help on options.

Use LOGLEVEL for logging. Valid values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING and ERROR.

-m, --monitor
Monitor changes to the zone on an ongoing basis (in contrast to -D, which merely
displays the current records)

-n NAME, --name=NAME
Name of the record to add/delete/display

-r PKEY, --reverse=PKEY
Determine our GNS name for the given public key (reverse lookup of the PKEY) in the
given zone.

-t TYPE, --type=TYPE
Type of the record to add/delete/display (i.e. "A", "AAAA", "NS", "PKEY", "MX"

-u URI, --uri=URI
Add PKEY record from gnunet://gns/-URI to our zone; the record type is always PKEY,
if no expiration is given FOREVER is used

-v, --version
Print GNUnet version number.

-V VALUE, --value=VALUE
Value to store or remove from the GNS zone. Specific format depends on the record
type. A records expect a dotted decimal IPv4 address, AAAA records an IPv6
address, PKEY a public key in GNUnet's printable format, and CNAME and NS records
should be a domain name.

-z EGO, --zone=EGO
Specifies the name of the ego controlling the private key for the zone (mandatory

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