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greylist - command line interface to greylistd(8)


greylist { -h | --help | help }
greylist operation ...


This program provides a command line interface to greylistd(8); please refer to that
manual page for more information on the purpose and functionality of this program.


In the following discussion, data... typically refers to the following triplet of

<sending host's IP address> <sender@address> <recipient@address>

The following operations are available:

add [--white|--grey|--black] data...
Add data to the corresponding list (white if unspecified). If the triplet of a
future mail deliveriy (subject to timeouts) matches this data, the idea is that the
message would be accepted, temporarily rejected, or permanently rejected,

delete data...
Remove data from all lists. If the data exists in any list, the command returns an
exit status of 0, otherwise -1. A message is printed on standard output indicating
the action taken.

check [--white|--grey|--black] data...
Check the current status of data, i.e. if a message delivery would succeed if its
triplet matched this data. If a list is specified, the word "true" or "false" is
printed, indicating whether the data was in the corresponding list; the exit status
is also set accordingly. Otherwise, one of the words "white", "grey", and "black"
is written on standard output, and the exit status is 0, 1, or 2, respectively.

NOTE: This operation is non-intrusive, and thus does not update any of the greylist
data. So, for instance, if the data is currently in the "grey" list, but its
minimum retry time (retryMin) has elapsed, the text "white" would be printed.
However, unless an update takes place prior to the retryMax timeout, the data would
still expire from the "grey" list.

update [--white|--grey|--black] data...
Same, but also update the greylist data accordingly. So if data is currently
greylisted, but the minimum retry time retryMin has elapsed since it was first
seen, data is moved to the "white" list.

This operation would normally be used by mail transport agents (MTAs).

stats Print some statistics on greylist utilization and hits.

mrtg Print statistics on greylist and whitelist hits in a format that MRTG can use as an
External Monitoring Script.

list [--white] [--grey] [--black]
Print available (original/unhashed) data items from the corresponding list(s).

NOTE: Internally, greylistd(8) hashes the provided data into a single 32-bit value
for efficiency. Prior to version 0.6, the original data was not retained; as of
version 0.6, data is saved if the "savetriplets" setting in the [data] section of
the configuration file is "true". Only data items (i.e. triplets) that have been
seen while this setting were enabled can be listed.

save Force greylist data to be immediately saved (synchronized) to the filesystem.

Data is also saved after any operation if a certain update interval (default is 300
seconds/5 minutes) has elapsed since the last save, and there are no pending
requests to greylistd(8).

reload Save greylist data to files, then reload configuration and data.

clear [--white] [--grey] [--black]
Clear all items in the specified list(s), or all lists if none is specified.

If the whitelist is cleared, all new data trilplets will initially be in a "grey"

Use with caution!


greylist add --white mailinglist@somewhere subscriber@yourhost
Whitelists messages received from the IP address on behalf of
<mailinglist@somewhere> to <subscriber@yourhost>.

greylist check --grey mailinglist@somewhere subscriber@yourhost
Prints "true" or "false" on standard output, depending on whether mail received
from the IP address on behalf of <mailinglist@somewhere> to
<subscriber@yourhost> should be deferred or not, respectively. The data is neither
recorded nor changed to a "white" state.

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